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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Terrible Tale and Tummy Tuesday

My furiends, something truly terrible has happened! Words almost cannot describe what I have been through, but I will endeavor to do my best.

Mumma loves fevvers, in fact she has two of them in the house and she is always giving them smoochies and treats.

So I thought, what would make mumma happier then anything in the whole world? Then it hit me, another fevver!

I spent weeks honing my stalking skills and took my time selecting the right sort of fevver, I wanted it to be perfect.

No, too big

There, see me carefully selecting the perfect fevver?

Anyway, I eventually found the right sort of fevver and more importantly managed to catch it. I ran excitedly into the house to show mumma my gift and do you know what she did?

Did she shower me with praise and gratitude?

NO! No she did not.

She starting screaming and shouting at me and then the next thing she did was chase me out of the house! My furiends, I tell you, I was so shocked and scared that I dropped my fevver and ran away!

I don't know what happened to the fevver. I came back to look for it much much later, I sniffed all over the house but it was gone!

Worse of all mumma is not at all happy with me, I can't think why. Maybe the fevver was the wrong colour or size. Perhaps if I am extra cute and show mumma my smoochable belly, she will forgive me. What do you think?

Lola Fannola x

**The mum here. Don't worry about the bird that Lola caught. She didn't injure it in anyway, except give it the fright of it's life. I managed to catch it and place it in a box which I put in a dark place until it had clamed down. I then took it across the road to my neighbour who keeps and breeds birds. He placed it in an empty aviary so it could recouperate and then released it. It was one very very lucky bird. I have since taken steps to avoid the same thing happening again**


  1. I am glad the bird was ok, I tell a cat I know that lives outside to only catch the feral birds, not sure if she listens.

  2. Aw, Lola, we know you were only doing what is natural for all of us cats. We can't understand why our humans get so upset; this is who and what we are. That said, our human has rescued a few mice and moles over the years she's shared her life with cats--she wouldn't mind if we killed them right away and ate them, but she doesn't like us toying with them. It's just that we're so well fed, we kinda know what to do...but not quite, if you know what we mean!

    Anyway, we think you were very talented to catch the bird--and our human is glad it's safe!

  3. Yeah, the same thing happened to me when I played with our pet Budgie, Benjy. I learnt the hard way not to play with family members...and I have never played with a bird since. I really miss Benjy....

  4. I love birds too; once had a parakeet, Skye, that was best friends with my cat, Nikki; they were very close, Skye meowed all the time and sometimes landed on Nik's back...Years ago (and years after Skye passed away), Mommy Cat would bring me birds as gifts, leaving them at the front door and sometimes, even running up to me with them; I was always horrified and cried!...Gratefully, now that she's almost 10, Mommy Cat does not hunt like she used to...Glad you could save the sweet bird, they all have such lovely little faces!...I just had a nest under my front patio and one of the babys fell out onto the concrete (just missed the pad I had placed under the nest for that very reason)...Anyway, thankfully it seemed ok when I found it, so I put on some latex gloves before touching it, got on a ladder and placed it back in the nest and it survived!...I was worried about what I had done, but it turned out ok=those throw away gloves did the trick! and all 5 babies flew away last week...Jacqueline
    Lola, we love your very smoochable belly, you are a gorgeous girl; we're sure your Mum isn't mad at you, sweetie, she was just upset for the bird=we love to watch them from our Bird TV windows...Hope you have a fun, happy day...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle Sukki

  5. Lola, If Mom likes birdies in the house, she would not want you to hurt one. WE are glad you did not!

  6. That bird was lucky ... well, not at first but to have survived.

  7. Lola - we think that was a wonderful pressent!

  8. Woof! Woof! Oh I am so glad the bird is okay. You have to find "something" else FUN thing to do. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Poor bird. And poor kitty doesn't understand what she did to upset you.

  10. I think you should be very proud of your hunting skills! I can't imagine why your person wasn't happy with you!

  11. Lola looks very cute - as always - and she's probably pretty proud of herself! But we are glad the bird was all right (thanks to the mom) and we're guessing it probably learned something that will help it survive in the future!

  12. Lola Fannola we can't imagine why your Mom was upset, but ours reacts the same way.

  13. Oh Lola, I had the same thing happen to me! I got a big dove for Mommy and brought it inside to show her...Boy, Mommy can yell LOUD! She chased me back out on the Catio and I had to let my catch go! I'm sticking to lizards for a while.

  14. Humans khan be diffikhult to please!

    We are glad to see woo only stunned the bird!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Shen - would woo please snorgle that belleh fur me?

  15. We think that is a most special pressie to get for your mom! Sorry she didn't think so, but you are just WAY too cute to resist!

  16. Oh poor misunderstood Lola. We DO feel for you!

    #1 asked us to say that maybe it is because her eyes are n longer as young and they were but she is having a bit of trouble reading the purple text on the black background.

  17. Poor Lola. What is wrong with the Humans. If I catch a mousie and give it to mum, she tells me what a good and clever boy I am. If I catch fev-vers she yells at me and makes me drop it and takes it away. It gets very confusing sometimes.

  18. We noticed the same thing. Humans don't seem to appreciate a the gift of a bird. Very strange that. We gave up on that. And with a belly like yours she is sure to forgive you.

  19. For some reason Moms don't seem to like the fev-vers when we bring them one. We can't figure it out.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  20. Wow, Lola!! We are impressed that you caught a fev-ver!! But we are surprised at your mum's reaction, 'specially since she likes fev-vers so much! But you are so cute, we know she will forgive you for what you did.

  21. What is wrong with Moms?

  22. Lola, I cud forgive yoo anyfin!

    Love Alfie Marshall

  23. Oh, poor Lola. We hope your mumma didn't get too upset with your gift. Sometime beans are just unpossible to figure out. We hope your mumma cuddled with your later.

    PS: The Food Source here -- I'm with Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan. At least in our browser, the dark purple text on a black background is like, unreadable. I finally used the mouse to select the text. That gave enough contract to make things at least readable.


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