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Friday, 30 August 2013

Feline Fine Friday - How to make a Puzzle Feeder your cat will not appreciate...

Greetings kitties, today I am introducing a post entitled, "How to make a Puzzle Feeder your cat will not appreciate," or, "How to suck at arts and crafts," or even, "How to be too cheap to buy a proper one."

That's right, with this handy step to step guide, you too can have a Puzzle Feeder that you can treat with the same withering indifference that you treat all the stuff you humans make you.

You will need -

  • At least six toilet paper tubes
  • Scissors
  • Glue and tape
  • Some card
  • A few pegs (eleventy million)
  • Treats

Step One:

Glue two of the toilet paper rolls together, side by side.  Secure with some pegs whilst they dry. Repeat this step, this time gluing three rolls side by.  You should have one roll spare at this point.  If you haven't then you've done it wrong!

Step Two:

Glue the spare roll on top of the two rolls you glued earlier, peg them together until dry. It should look something like this...

Step Three

Glue the little pyramid of rolls you've just made to the three rolls you glued earlier and peg until dry, like this...

Step Four:  After you've left the now bigger pyramid to dry over night, it's time to glue some card around  the sides to strengthen it.  Peg and leave to dry.

Step Five:  Optional.  If you so wish you can tape some more card to the back of the Puzzle Feeder, like this...  Afterwards you can decorate the Puzzle Feeder, simply to waste a bit of time, because your cat couldn't care less either way.

Step Six:  The final step, fill the Puzzle Feeder with a few of your cats favourite treats in each tube/section.  Place on the floor, windowsill or other favourite cat hang out and wait for the fun to begin... or not.

"Woman!  My treats appear to be stuck in this contraption.  Rectify this immediately!"

Charlie O'Marley 


  1. You tell them, Charlie! We think it's a pretty neat craft, though. Cousin Earl eats ridiculously fast and needs a way to slow him down. We'll share this idea with our aunt.

  2. Why should we go to all that trouble when Mum just gives us treats if we sit and look mournful.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh that looks terrific. We are going to make that after we save up the toilet paper rolls. That is such a good idea. The person can't wait to try this. Thanks for the instructions. Take care.

  4. We're gonna make sure our mom does not see this and get any ideas of making one of those things for us. We do not want to work for treats!

  5. That's so creative! We have a sinking feeling, however, that some of the cats at PAWS (and Moosey) would outsmart it by just knocking the whole puzzle feeder over. MOL! :)

  6. Bawahwhahwa that would take Alfie a year to suss that out.. It's super cool :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Wow, never have we been so glad our dad only has seventy million pegs and not the required eleventy million. We don't think we'd like the result if he did! Purrs...

  8. If my human made this, well, 1) it would take her a long time to do, and 2) it would take Binga 30 seconds to destroy it to get the treats out!

  9. OH! That would be so mauled to bits at our house.

  10. lol@decorating it..

    Jack would have this knocked over in 0.003 seconds and would just eat them off the floor :)

  11. ok, our mom is all for that project...we think our reaction would be similar to Charlie's! have a great weekend, and Charlie, we hope you got your treats!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  12. I have an expensive puzzle feeder I don't use. Also I have rejected the whole range of other expensive stimulation toys from that manufacturer. I used to play with a ball in a tube a little bit, but after two months the ball stopped glowing, so I don't bother with it.
    I do love my foldup plastic tunnel though. It is really good for tripping up your human as you rush along it. Also she can catch her foot in it and nearly fall.

  13. Mum says it looks like a good idea. I told her to forget it!

  14. This is an outrage!! We don't have to lift a claw to get a treat! The treats throw themselves at us!!! ;)

  15. hahaha!!! That's very clever...and funny too.
    We also have a puzzle feeder we never use. Of course Glogirly's got to put treats IN it!!!
    ; ) Katie


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