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Monday, 12 April 2010

Mandog Monday

I am in the dog house, so to speak. You see, I was incredibly naughty at a time when I should have been on my best behaviour. Let me explain.....

Friday evening Preteen bean fell in the garden, hitting and cutting the back of her head. As mum doesn't drive she called grandmum bean and asked her to take Preteen bean to hospital.

Mum was helping Preteen bean in the car when Toddlerbean run up the garden path to say goodbye to her sister. She then fell and grazed her elbows and knees. It was whilst mum bean was comforting Toddler bean that I took it upon myself to go for a stroll out of the garden gate and down the road.

I then decided to turn a deaf ear to mum bean as she tried to call me back home. This was very naughty of me, because I know I am not to leave the front garden and I know I am to come when called and not dance about playing 'catch me if you can' in the middle of the road.

Preteen bean and Toddler bean are okay, all injuries were superficial. But as mum had to keep a close eye on Preteen bean, she wasn't able to visit much over the weekend, sorry.

I hope to be out of the dog house soon.

Shen x


  1. Oh no! So glad to hear the beans were ok!!!

    Shen, you and our Dixie Dog would get in lots of trouble together!

  2. Oh, Shen, you did pick a very bad time to be naughty! We're glad everyone is okay now, but we're sure things were a bit chaotic and stressful at the time!

  3. Well, that was definitely the wrong time to get a little rebellious, Shen! We are happy that everyone is okay though!

  4. We hopes you get out of the doghouse soon. Fenris got in trouble weeks ago for the same thing. It must be this Spring weather. ~AFSS

  5. We are sorry to hear the younger 'beans got hurty. Now, that was a bit naughty of you Shen, especially since everyone was preoccupied. You should give some extra nuzzles to your mom.

  6. Probably not the best time to go for a walk... but I am glad that everyone is okay.

  7. Glad all the beans were ok, and that nothing bad happened to you either Shen, running into the street like that! I suppose you were just worried about the beans, and lost your mind for a split second. Thankfully you are back home now, and trying to learn your lesson :)

  8. Really Shen! Of all the times to pull your shenanigans! Lucky thing neither of the girls was badly hurt, but you really made it even more stressful for your Mom because she had to worry about you as well.

    I guess you just saw an opportunity and you took it.

    By the way, did you see Charley on the LOLSpot on Friday?

  9. That's a very stressful weekend you all had ...

  10. WE are glad the beans are ok, and hope you get out of the doghouse soon.

  11. Oh Dear, Shen! That really was pretty naughty of you, wasn't it? But we're happy you got blog time, though!

    We're glad the little beans are OK.

  12. I am glad the beans are ok.. You are naughty as your mum will have had enough to worry about.. I am sure you will be out of the dog house soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Oh Shen, I think I will have to be getting you an Honorary Naughty Kitty Club badge for that!

    We all hope that both preteen bean and toddler bean are ok - we are sending them healing purrs and prayers - we hope the head bang was nothing too serious!

  14. Glad the young beans were ok...Shen, you should probably give your Mom extra cuddles and kisses and never do that again!..xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Poor Mombean...she had a furry rough weekend...Shen are you outta the dog house yet?

    We are glad that the young beans are all OK!!


  16. Furst off, we are glad to see your young beans are okay


    I understand those moments of not knowing what khomes ovFUR woo -

    At least your ears work sometimes ;-)

    Best of lukhk getting out of the dog house - I vote woo use those SWEET eyes of yours!


  17. Oh Shen, that was naughty of you. We are glad the kidbeans are okay though.

  18. We have to say, you couldn't have chosen a worse time for that. Maybe in a previous life you have been a cat?

  19. Oh no! Glad everyone is O.K. Hope your out of dog house soon Shen.

  20. I forgot to tell you..We changed our stray cat's name over the weekend. Butler did not fit him. But Foghorn does..and were calling him Foggy. I think he likes that name a lot better too. So thanks for the suggestion.

  21. We are glad to hear the beans were OK.
    Shen,you are really naughty in such a bad timing.
    But actually we understand your feeling. We can easily be naughty especially when we shouldn't be...
    We hope you can get out of the dog house soon!
    But before that remember to say sorry to Mom!

  22. First of all, we're glad preteenbean and toddlerbean are okay. But Shen, that wasn't a good time to not listen to your mum. But we think you learned your lesson and hopefully you'll be out of that doghouse!

  23. We are glad the little beans are all doing OK! You apparently did not go to far from home!

  24. We hope that the humans are getting to feeling better there! And as for you being in the dog house!... we understand how exciting it must have been to find yourself out there beyond the gate! Be careful! I wouldn't want to hear something bad happened to you!

  25. We're glad the little beans are OK.

    If yoo wasn't a dog, yoo cud join the Norty Kitty Club. MOL!

    Milo xx

    Hi Lola,
    I love yoo!
    Alfie Marshall xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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