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Friday, 27 May 2011

Fuzzy Friday

Mum! You're Fired!

Charlie O'Marley x

Blogger is still being a pain. Somedays it tells us we're not following anyone and on others it won't let us comment.


  1. I'm not having any trouble (paws crossed) right now with blogger. How frustrating for you to have issues. Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Woof! Woof! It's not your mom's fault ...blogger is having issues (seems t be fixed on our part). Happy Friday! Having a giveaway this weekend ... make sure to stop by. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. So far, we seem to be okay with Blogger/commenting ... fingers crossed for you that things get resolved soon! Have a nice weekend. :)

  4. Blogger is buggering around a bit, isn't it?

  5. We're so sad that you are having Blogger problems, and are purring that they will soon be fixed for you.......thankfully we aren't having any problems.

    We send y'all our love.

  6. If that works for you, let me know. I keep trying to fire mine but she won't leave and she won't improve.

  7. We are having non-stop problems wiv blogger ~ it stinks.

    Fun pic! (Tee hee)

    Message from Alfie:

    Hi Lola ~ shall I come over to visit yoo this weekend? Smoochies.

  8. Your Mom isn't tippling, is she?

    ha ha ha!

  9. I hope she did not try to pawn that off as some attempt at "art." That's the sort of thing my human would try to say.

  10. We have been having problems commenting on some blogger blogs. Blogger is being a booger!!

  11. I am sorry you are having such problems!! From what I am hearing it isn't Blogger. Are you using IE? If you are, they are the culprit this time. I use Google Chrome and I know others do as well and they aren't experiencing the problem either. Hope everything clears up for you soon!

  12. MOL...But I do like your photo !
    Look like your mom run while take a photo..ha..ha..ha

    About Blogging, I just have a trouble to make a comment too ( some of us ) and I can't log out ( I got two accounts ) It keep sign in.


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