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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Toesday Tuesday - Exercises with Lola

Ah, I see that you're back for another lesson in taking care of one's toesies.

You're late! But never mind that now, let's get down to business.

Now, we all know that cleanliness is next to catliness, so it is extremely important that one's toesies are clean and impeccably well groomed before one begins.

Make sure you get all of those hard to reach places, like the back of the hock. Once one's toesies are perfectly quaffed, then one is ready to begin with some gentle stretching and warming up exercises. Of course making sure that one is in a sun puddle speeds up the warming process.

Now s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

Elongate those toesies. You may wish at this point to stare blankly at nothing in particular and thing of relaxing things like, a dish of temptations or a spot of bird watching.

Now, with the warm up over we're ready to step it up a notch and attempt some of the more difficult poses, such as the 'Leg Over'. Here I am demonstrating the correct execution of the 'Leg Over'. Please note that this move is for intermediate kitties only!

You may want to check that your 'assets' are covered from view. A lady cat should never flash her 'assets', as it is unladylike and gives tom cats the wrong idea.

Excellent! You're all doing extremely well, so well in fact that I feel you're now ready to move up to the more complicated, expert moves. Here we have 'Salute to the sun'.

This is a very difficult move and as such should only be attempted in the company of a competent adult with ready access to all manner of cat treats. Again, do take great care to cover those 'assets'. Please note the careful placing of the tail.

So there we have it. Toesies feeling limber and gorgeously kissable. That was such a tough work out that I thoroughly recommend a gentle snooze in the sun. After all, we don't want to over do things now, do we?

Lola Fannola x


  1. I didn't realise that it was important to do toesie exercises like this. I will start training straight away. I tried to salute the sun, but I rolled over backwards, is this normal???

  2. Lola that was a great lesson! We wanted to thank you for the purrs for Tanner...we'll send him over for a lesson on cleaning said 'assets' :)

  3. Hi Lola! You are the most beautiful girl ~ now I know your keep-fit secret!

    Love Alfie

  4. We will have to practice those moves

  5. that was a good workout - and now a nap sounds good!

  6. Lola, yous so graceful. Pedicures are very important and we try to clean our tosies with as much balance as you do. My sister Miss Bella is really good at it, but sometimes I fall over which is really embarrassing!


  7. There's nothing like a good bath and clean toes!

  8. Very elegant, Lola - you are the perfect teacher:-)

  9. Thank you for the lesson, Lola! I'm going to show it to Dante and Dylan who are quite flagrant when washing their toesies.

    Domino, like you, is very ladylike and would never expose her parts. She likes to combine toe washing with yoga, too.

    And she definitely admires your style, Lola!

  10. You are so ladylike Lola!!!

  11. Lola, the boycats here are reading this post over and over and we don't think it's because they want flexible feet.

  12. Hi...I see you're called Lola...that might confuse me, I'm Bob, cuz I have a sister, Lola, but she's small and pretty much all black...I have a lot of cat siblings & several could use those lessons you give here. You're a smart cat, Lola. I'm gonna try & drag 'em over here

    We're new to cat blogging...our mom & dad made a blog for me and the others:

    We're a family of cats rescued off the street...some of us went to other homes. None of us look like you with your pretty gray fur. My Lola & Addie, JoJo, Jazzy & Dopey are black cats, Huxley & Hennessey are white with some gray spots, Mr. Magoo & Dante are Tabbys, Sadie is a mix of white and gray with longish hair, I'm the only orange tabby. Come visit us!

    Bob's large Family of Felines

  13. You are the purrfect example of agility and modesty!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. I think woo've been watching ME!


  15. Oh Lola!! You are such a good instructor. I can tell that many of those moves are quite advanced and could only be perfected after years of practice.

  16. Pawsome excersize tips, Lola! You are a ladycat through and through!!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie and hollie

  17. Wow, Lola! You sure can stretch!!

  18. I am taking notes! Thanks for the tips! Especially that part about covering my assets!

  19. Wow, you're a Toesie Master really. I feel quite humbled. Theese was an excellent session! You are very wise with great technique and teaching style Miss Lola Fannola.


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