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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The curious case of the missing bits

Something's missing, something important. But I just can't seem to put my paw on it.

I have been following mum round mewing at her since I went to the vet on Friday. 'I seem to be missing something mum! I'm sure I had them before Friday and now they've gone!' Mum doesn't appear to be too concerned with my plight, how would she like it if she woke up to find she had something missing too!

I have asked Lola if she has anything missing. She had a quick check and then told me that everything is still in its proper place, however her side was a little sore and required extra licking.

To add insult to my injury mum only went an took us back to that awful place yesterday! Unfortunately when we got there whatever I was missing hadn't been handed in.

I went to the vet on Friday, had a nice nap and then woke up. Mum came and took us home. My side was a little sore and my back legs were very wobbly. But all appendages accounted for. Between you and me I think Charlie is a little paranoid, I mean what would the vet want with those anyway?

Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola xxx

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