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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Totally Tuckered Out Tuesday

Since our mysterious trip to the vets (the one where I came back missing two vital parts of my anatomy) myself and Lola have been allowed out to play in the garden during the nice weather.

So we have been passing the time chasing flutterbys, flies and digging the occasional hole. All that action has left me totally tuckered out and I needed to grab a quick cat nap on my mum.

All warm and comfy

Special thanks to daddy who took the photos, he's not very good with the flashy thing, but he tries hard.


To all those worried about Thomas and his limp, his leg is completely back to normal. Mum things he may have jarred it by jumping down from the top of the wardrobe (he likes to sleep up there because myself and Lola can't get up there). So he is spared a trip to the vet for now, it looks like all the puurrs worked! Should he start limping again however mum said she will have him to the vets quicker then he can say 'meow'.


  1. Ah, look at the little sleepy-bug! Too cute!

  2. You are tuckered out!! Too cute!!

    Glad to hear the limp is no longer! YAY!

  3. You look so sweet sleeping in your mommy's arms.

  4. Hi! So nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by my place. I think I'll follow you too!

  5. Nap laps are the best! You look so comfy sleeping there.

    Isn't it fun to be outside? We get to go out some too, carefully snoopervised, but it's been too hot lately to go out.

    We're glad to hear that Thomas's limp is gone and we hope it doesn't come back!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  6. meant to say "lap naps" are the best. Sheesh, just can't get good typing help these days.


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