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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Easy like Sunday

Well, someone has to watch the kids

Today we ask that all our kitty, doggie and bean friends take a look at Freya's Blog and sign the petition for justice for Wilbur. Unfortunately on UK residents can sign the petition, but we ask that our non UK friends spread the word. Lets help Wilbur's beans get the justice he deserves!


  1. I sure would sign that petition if I could. I was horrified and heartbroken to learn what happened to Wilbur. I live in south Florida and not too long ago a python killed a toddler! Many people let pet pythons loose in the Everglades after they grow too big.

  2. I'm with Daisy. I've seen too many people just let their python out in the wild where it'll grow to be a man eater. It makes no sense!

  3. It was a terrible way to die. We hope the politicians change the law to include snakes.

  4. How sad it was for Wilbur. Sure hope the petition gets a lot of signatures and it goes through. Wilbur was such a cutie.

  5. Oh, noes. This is very sad. Wish we lived in the UK. Mama was there once a long time ago. Does this count?
    We hear you are new to blogging, so when I can get my mama to finally update our linkies, I will get her to put her on our new linkie list. You have an interesting household...


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