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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Easy Like Sunday

I always like to take it easy where I shouldn't!

Thomas O'Toole x


  1. Those are always the bestest places!!!!!!!

  2. You mean the whole house and all it's contents are not yours?

  3. It is your right to any place you want.

  4. That looks like a very nice place to take it easy.

  5. "Where I shouldn't".... We're sorry, but we don't understand this comment. Shouldn't? There are places we 'shouldn't' go?? :o

    Perish the thought.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

    PS - can we all come nap with you??

  6. Everyone knows that a cat rules the house and that means we nap where we want. We might be shooed away, but we sneak back. Personally we like the hole we dug in the brand new box spring. It makes just the best place to crawl up into for a cozy nap.

    Your friends
    Peanut and Marshmellow

  7. Don't your Beans know that kitties can lie wherever they choose to?

  8. Forbidden places are always the most comfy!

  9. If you took any notice of that, you wouldn't be taking it easy, now would you?

  10. We didn't know there WAS a place that's off limits to cats!

  11. We didn't know there WAS a place that's off limits to cats!

  12. Its a puurfect place for a nap
    (But Kareltje prefer a soft place .... LOL)
    Have a nice momday :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  13. Cats can take it easy anywhere ~ 'cos that's the rules!

    Milo xx

    BIG smoochies for Lola! @cos Lola is speshull.

    Alfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Now whats wrong with nappin' there? In fact your person ought to toss a soft blankie there so you have something to lay on that's comfy!


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