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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Our furiends over at Boo-Bah's Little Sunshines gave us this great Honest Scrap award.

We have to list 10 interesting and honest fact about us and then pass the award onto a minimum of 7 other blogging friends.

We can't possibly think that there would be 10 interesting facts about us, but we will try our best.

1. Mum bean's eldest daughter Ana suffers from a condition called Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It means she has trouble with communication and social situations. Mum bean fought for seven years to get a diagnosis for Ana.

2. Thomas O'Toole is so named because his first collar was green and Dad Bean thought it made him look Irish. Until then he was plain old Thomas.

3. Shen is a Kennel Club registered Black Labrador Retreiver and his registered name is Tom Foster

4. Charlie O'Marley was named Charlie after the cartoon cat that appeared on public information advertisments in the late 70's early 80' in England. Charlie Says Video

5. Lola Fannola was named Lola after Lauren Child's character Lola who has an older brother called Charlie. Charlie and Lola Video

6. Missy Moo is 10 years old and that's still young for a Cockatoo. Some species of Cockatoo can live into their 80's!

7. Dad bean wasn't a cat person until Charlie and Lola cam to live with us. Now Dad bean has a special relationship with Lola.

8. Mum bean's other hobby apart from blogging is reserching family history. She has managed to trace one branch of the family back to Anthony Poulsum 1559.

9. Mum bean is a taphophile Taphophilia

10. Thomas O'Toole has another home (that mum bean knows about) across the road where he goes for a spot of breakfast if he doesn't like what's on offer at home.

Phew, did it. There we told you, nothing interesting at all!

We would like to pass this award onto the following bloggers. We're sorry if you've received this award before and we missed it.

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Mum apologises for not visiting you all these last couple of days, but we've been experiencing problems with Blogger. This is our 4th attempt at making this post!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Thanks for passing along the award to us. We'll have to start to think of something interesting about us.

    My brother has Asperger's Syndrome, so I'm quite aware of the social dilemmas this can cause. It's more rare in girls. These days, I hear there are lots of things they can do to help -- it's a matter of being taught what to do in a way they can understand.

    Usually, people with Asperger's are generally quite bright. Little professors, they call them.

  2. Congratulations on the award. We love learning about our friends. We have a grandson that has Asperger's Syndrome,and we understand the communications issue. In the last year he has started coming out of his shell some and actually talking to us a little. We know if it is important for us to tell him something, we have to have have eye contact.

  3. Very interesting things you shared!
    Isn't it great how a cat can turn someone into a cat person (#7) with their catly charms!

  4. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to us! We'll make a post about it on Saturday when we'll have more time.
    Those ten things were very interesting!! Thank you for sharing them.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. We really enjoyed reading the interesting facts about y'all, and thank you for the soon as we can figure out 10 interesting facts about us, we will post it.....:))))))

    Have a purrrrrfect day......xxxxxxxx

  6. Very interesting facts. We was interested to hear yoor bean is a taphophile ~ did yoo know that when Charles Dickens (English Victorian writer) wrote all his famous novels he got the manes of his characters from tombstones because he was a taphophile too?

    Our Mom also likes reading grave stone and she writes novels too ~ and like Charles Dickens she chooses names for characters in the same way ~ in remembrance of Dickens.

  7. Very interesling facts !!
    My Daddy was also not a catperson
    and now he loves me so much :)))))
    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. I have never heard the word taphophile before. I likes learning new things!

  9. Before I comment about the post I have to tell you not to worry about making me sad with the kitty treats you sent for Floyd - because that is not the case at all! It made me cry a bit but it was a happy cry because it was just so amazing and sweet of you to do something like that - my boyfriend even said that it was awesome. So honestly we are just so happy to have wonderful blog friends like you!

    That being said, I love the facts about your family - they are all very interesting to me! And I love that your mom is interested in researching family history - I have dropped the ball on that but my dad was really into it a lot - he got back to around the year 810. It also explains about your mom being a taphophile - that goes along with the historical research!And I love learning how you all got your names! And that is very interesting about your oldest - I am sure that 7 years had to be very frustrating for your mom, but I am glad she was able to get the right diagnosis eventually!

  10. It's nice learning more about all of you!

  11. Congratulations on the award. Love your reasons. My dads was not a cat person either when mum and me came to live. Now he also has a special bond with me.. Hugs Gj xx

  12. That was a lotsa' information and we promise that we won't ask you to repeats it agains.

  13. Concats on your award! Those were 10 very interesting facts! WE enjoyed learning more about you. Thank you for sharing.


  14. Concats on your award. We enjoyed learning those interesting facts.

  15. Congrats on your award ^^

    We're doing a raffle on the blog to celebrate our my future 200th. Then go there to check =)

  16. Khongrats on your award

    AND fur sharing your skhrap!


  17. Congrats on your award! We love getting to know more about our blogging furiends! We never heard the word taphophila before! We learned something today!!

  18. Congratulations on the award. Love reasonsis good learning more about you.

  19. I turned Dad into a cat lover too.

  20. Concats on your award. It is always interesting to learn more about our friends!

  21. Congrats on your award!!! We love reading these facts about our friends :)

  22. thank you so much for thinking of us! we did do this award some time ago- but we will try to get the mom to do it again. :) we love you guys!

  23. I successfully turned my Dad into a "cat person" too. Before that he didn't know how wonderful we kitties are.

    Mom is into genealogy and has British roots going back to the time of Geoffrey Chaucer.


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