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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Please purr for Rocket!

See that red nasty mark on Rocket's tail fin? That's a horrid secondary infection called Fin Rot. Basically the bacteria eats away the fin, not nice.

There are many causes of Fin Rot, stress, poor water conditions or as in Rocket's case due to an injury. You see, a couple of days ago Rocket saw how much fun us cats have and attempted to jump out of his tank to join us. Only Rocket forgot that his tank has a lid to stop us cats from joining him.

He bashed his little head really hard and cut his tail fin. For a while afterwards poor Rocket had a very big headache and spent a lot of time on the bottom of the tank. But yesterday he rallied round.

So please purr for our entertainment, um we mean or friend, Rocket.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley, Lola Fannola x


  1. We sure hope Rocket gets better soon; it's never easy to see our friends hurt...We'll keep our paws crossed for him...Good luck, be sure to keep us updated...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We're sending purrs that your "entertainment" heals soon! Fin rot sounds gross to us. How can it be treated?

  3. Mum says Fin Rot is treated with anti fungal and anti bacterial medicine added to the tank and some aquarium salt to help support the fish through the stress of feeling unwell.

  4. We are purring very hard for Rocket good entertainment (we means friends) are hard to find. ~AFSS

  5. We're purring hard for Rocket! We know how much you love him. Poor wee guy! Hang in there, Rocket!

  6. I've never purred for sushi, I mean fish before...but we know you love Rocket so I'll try.

    Purrs, Cory

  7. Poor Rocket. We are sending purrs.


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