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Friday, 18 February 2011

Annual Purr-Fur-Mance Review 2010

So, it's that time again. Time for The Mum's Annual Purr-Fur-Mance Review. We know, we're not that hopeful either.

Lets just remind ourselves exactly how The Mum did in last year's review.

"An overall rating of Medium, Two Paws has been achieved. However we do believe that there is more then a little room for improvement and more treats, yes, more treats!"

Oh dear, suddenly we have a deep sense of foreboding. Anyway, on with this review.

Quantity of Output:

Well, what can we say really. We have noticed that there seems to be a regular cycle of inactivity. This seems to coincide with new game requests received via Facebook. There have been the usual excuses, siting 'illness' and being 'busy'. Again feeble and lack luster excuses dredged up time and time again when she is guilty of nothing less then being extremely lazy and lacking in creative thinking. What do we pay you for woman? Oh, that's right, we don't actually pay you. But if we did, we wouldn't. YOU'RE FIRED!

However it is at this point our legal council has reminded us to point out there there has been on some occasions, those occasions being exceedingly rare, flurries of activity and creative posting on our blog.

Rating: Medium - One Paw and One Squat. After much deliberation and under duress (read: threats of food privileges being removed), it was decided that a compromise of one paw and one squat should be delivered. Again, much room for improvement whilst we look through this rather convenient stack of Resumes

Quality of Output:

Again as per the last review, the quality of posting has far outweighed the quantity in several key areas. The 'Twelve Days Til Christmas' run of posting was sheer genius (on our part) and we particularly like the recent 'Suspicious Saturday - Whodunnit?' series. Of course detailing only the best of our works of improvement and redecoration.

The Mum's photographical skills have vastly improved since the last review, resulting in clearer and far more flattering images, even though one or two of the more questionable images seem to have slipped through the net.

Rating: High - Four Paws

Client Pawticipation:

Again there are many electronic and magic ways in which to contact us. either via e-mail, our personal Facebook page or even through our very own Fan Page, again accessible through Facebook. However, the checking of e-mail and the updating of said pages is still a hit and miss affair. But we now have our very own Twitter Account to which our blog automatically posts to.

Rating: Medium - Two Paws.

Pawticipation (Part II):

The Mum has made a real effort this year to make sure that we're included in all the fun stuff and fund raising going on throughout the Cat Blogosphere. We have managed to enter several competitions (even some doggie hosted ones) and we were even able to bid on a few of the fund raising auctions. However, it has come to our attention that should The Mum pay more attention to stuff that is going on and not simply forget about scheduled events, then we would be able to pawticipate more.

Rating: Medium - Two Paws.

Client Satisfaction:

Again we average around 25 comments per post. More popular posts being our Christmas series of 'Twelve Days Til Christmas'. we also get a smattering of comments and 'likes' on Facebook and maybe one or two re-tweets. still we believe that this could be vastly improved if The Mum would just get off Pseudo Farming sites and instead visit and link up with our friends.

Rating: Medium - Two Paws. Last year we awarded Four Paws, but we feel that this time such a rating would be far too generous.

Overall Rating: Medium - Two Paws

An overall rating of Two Paws is disappointing as this shows little or no improvement since last year's review. Perhaps we did not make our position clear enough in 2009. The Mum is really going to have to pull her socks up and knuckle down if there is ever going to be a measured change in her performance.

In the meantime, do you guys know of any good typists? Cat lover a must!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Awwww ... yoo were a bit TUFF on yoor mom. Maybe an incentive or bonus scheme for her would help? Yoo know the kind of thing ... yoo won't be sick on the carpet if she makes more time to blog!

  2. OMC !!! Your mom will be sooky la la right now !

  3. Well, we'd give you 4 paws for client satifaction!! We love visiting you guys!!

  4. You are very hard on The Mum, you know. It's not easy being a human . . .

  5. you get 4 paws from us as well! Your 12 Days Of Christmas post WAS "pure genius!!"

  6. I'm loving your blog... So high paws from here. Keep up the good work.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. We love your blog, so 4 paws from this satisfied reader!

  8. BOL - one paw and a squat. That's hysterical! I love your blog.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. We think 4 paws are in order for client satisfaction. Of course we know more treats are always good too.
    Poor mom, you guys didn't let her off easy did you!

  10. We agree with Milo and Alfie that you were a bit tough on your Mum! By the way, we LOVE your blog!!!

    The Chans

  11. I am not at all thrilled with my human's review either. She fails completely. Mostly because of Ichiro and putting him on the blog.

  12. Your poor Mom. hahahahaha! Of course we didn't mean that...

    We always enjoy visiting and the questionable photos, well, we've enjoyed those too! We think overall your Mom might be a TINY bit improved; we'll see how 2011 is.

  13. Well, at least your human got the 12 days of Christmas posts out on time! But yeah, you can't be too easy on 'em - as you can see, they will slack off whenever they think they can.

  14. Oh you were hard on your mum I think she does you guys proud and she has got a little something else to focus on at the moment.I think you will be ok.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Your review is lots harsher than mine. in view of yours I should downgrade the points I gave to my SS.

    We love your posts, that is, when that bone lazy SS manages to take me visit.

    If you have an excess of typist application, please send them over to me.

    Finally, sell the farm! That's what I did and I also adopt out all the virtual cats and dogs while SS was on holidays. :snigger, snigger:

  16. Mom won't let us have a FB page so we don't even know what goes on...she did give us twitter, but she never lets us check it. *sigh* She said she wanted to concentrate on our blog and we are happy with her on that, but like you said there is always room for improvement.
    We always enjoy reading your blog!


  17. Jonesie says that your mom should stop the psuedo farming sites and spend more time helping you post for the Society of Feline Gardeners each week...then she would lobby for extra paws up for your mom.

  18. Wow - really comprehensive purrformance review! We love your blog....

  19. Wow, you folks is tough customers! I guess I must have been the only one in the interwebs that took a bribe in exchange for a 4 PAWS rating...What can I say? A little Num-Nums goes a long ways...

  20. Based on the Twelve Days of Christmas we would give you five paws for client satifaction if we could.

  21. Well it seems a bit harsh but then you have to be firm. I think your Mom is doing a pretty darn good job, I hope you don't have to let her go.

  22. Wow, tough crowd! I'm glad I didn't have time to let the girls do one for me - if your Mum only got 2 paws, I shudder to think what my review would be. I wanted to thank you so very much for your kind comments on my father's passing. The love I've been shown by people I've never met in person has been a bit overwhelming. It was a bright, bright spot in a rough week. Thank you very much for thinking of me.

  23. Oh your review is tough! But we love your blog :-)

  24. Oh you are a hard boss. We give her 4 paws for satisfaction.

    Hey, Au is eating again! We're purring. thanks for your purrs too.


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