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Thursday, 17 February 2011

She'd Better Be Thankful, Thursday

So, what do you get the Mum that has everything? Gift giving can be a veritable mine field, so you have to choose really carefully before hand to be sure that your gift will be excepted and appreciated in the correct manner befitting your generosity.

Anyway. The mum is still not feeling to well, so we decided that a gift was in order to make her feel better and more importantly, guilt trip her into posting something of merit on our sorely neglected blog.

After much deliberation we went for the 'Dead Meece' a true classic amongst the gift giving feline. Some may feel the the 'Deed Meece' is a predictable gift to give and shows a lack of flair or indeed imagination at the point of gift selecting. Why go for a 'Dead Meece' when a 'Dead Burd' says it so much better? We feel that this is rather a mute point, as us felines are busy socialites and have far more pressing matters to attend to then the selection and hunting of gifts. We operate a very much smash and grab system of gift giving.

So, lets look at our selection, detailed in the picture above. Note, if you will, the long scaly and in some cases slightly hairy tail, you don't get that with a 'Dead Burd'. Also note the matted wet styling of the furs, you can tell that this gift has been left in the rain for a day or so before the presentation. This shows a worthy amount of care and attention to detail. What more could one want then a 'Dead Meece'?

We're all give, give, give, that's our trouble.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. How thoughtful of you to get your mom a present! I'm sure she found it very... special.

  2. Oh wow you must really love your Mom alot if you gave her a dead mouse!

  3. . . . and you didn't even eat any of it. Do you think The Mum might fancy it on toast or in a salad?

  4. Wow! You really love your mom. Did she squeal in delight?

  5. I'm sure your human will feel MUCH better after she has eaten your gift.

  6. Nothing better than a dead Meese for a present. We sure hope that made your Mom feel ever so much better. So who made that meece deaded?? Love the picture. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  7. Nommy. That was a great pressie. I hope mom enjoys it.


  8. We can't wait to hear about how grateful and appreciative she was!

    The Chans

  9. We hope your Mum screamed with pleasure. Cuz that pressie is ACE!
    What are your opinions on dead Sssssnakes? (or parts thereof)

  10. Oh yeah!! That's some gift you got her!!

  11. Oh poor little mousie, and clever hunter kitties. A thoughtful present, that one.

    Thanks for dropping by and your words of comfort. Au ate a little so we're hopeful. If only he'll keep eating, he should be OK.

  12. That is a super gift! WE know it made Mom feel better! Your attention to detail is amazing

  13. That is a very thoughtful gift for your mum. I try to give my mum dead mousies too, but somehow they end up in my tummy instead.

  14. We can't gift Mummy and Daddy dead meece because there aren't any in the house. You're lucky to be able to gift your Mummy.

    Nishiko and Xanthe xxx


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