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Monday, 15 October 2012

Million Dollar Mancat Monday

Well, almost.  Sunday before last I got myself into a bit of bother.  I did resounding performance of a cat close to death's door.  I was so convincing that the services of an emegency out of hours vet was sort.

 £593.23 later I manged to make a miraculous, beyond the realms of medical science, Jesus appearing on a piece of toas,t recovery. The vet was at a loss to explain what was wrong with me and how I managed to recover after they had told The Mum not to expect me to come home.

But a cat as handsome and full of awesomeness, like myself is certianly worth £593.23 and more.  So what if the humans have to eat beans on toast for Chirstmas dinner this year.

What's that?  It's coming out of our treat budget?

Thomas O'Toole

P.S.  The Mum here.  Fear not, Thomas is insured and hopefully we will get the money back.


  1. I suspect they wouldn't mind having beans on toast if it means having you stick around, my friend.

  2. Oh Thomas! It's good to see you! We're glad you're okay now! We bet your humans won't mind eating toast if it means having you around!!

  3. Thomas! We are assuming that the NHS paid for treating the beans' heart attacks?

    Seriously though, we're glad you made it. And please don't do it again!

    The Chans

  4. Miraculous or not, we're glad you're fine now!

    Yep, our mom knows what spending $$$$$ is like, which is why she lives in constant debt. LOL.

  5. We know you are worth it Thomas. Wonder what happened. But sure glad to hear that you are all right and that you are all better. Take care.

  6. Thomas we are so thankful that everything turned out alright...if you turn on the charm, we bet treats will appear!

  7. Thomas, we know your human mum has no regrets. You are worth a million in her eyes!

  8. Yup, beans on toast with a kitty is far superior to steak and no kitty..

  9. We are so glad Thomas mads w quick recovery!

  10. Hmm, *weighing beans on toast to not having Thomas around*

    Yep, Thomas wins. Beans all around! So happy to hear you are well again, Thomas! Purrs...

  11. Thomas! Such a handsome house panther, recovered from his brink of peril! I think your parents are OK with just the beans--cuz they have YOU!!


  12. Well, at least you and I know how magical black cats are, Thomas!

  13. goodness, Thomas! we bet you gave your folks a mighty scare! we're sure glad for your miraculous recovery! sorry about your treat budget tho... purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie
    ps- we've missed your handsomeness :)

  14. If we had to vote between beans on toast and Thomas...well it would be an easy win for you Thomas.


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