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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Snoopervision Sunday with Charlie O'Marley

Hi there kitties!  This week it's my turn the help The Mum by snoopervising her in the kitchen.  Today she's making our favourite thing to snoopervise in the whole world.  Tuna Pasta Bake.  That's right I said tuna!

Of course the correct snoppervision of tuna.  Did I say tuna?  I meant, the correct snoopervision in the kitchen is always important as there's hot and sharp stuffs everywhere.  A kitty can't be too careful.

The Mum does all the tricky stuffs, like pre-heating the oven, cooking and draining the pasta.  I'm just here for the tuna.  Sorry, did I say tuna?  I meant... I'm just here for the proper snoopervision of the can opener in use.

Anyway, on with the snoopervision.  Wait a minute... is that Lola?

Psst, Lola.  You know it's my turn to do the snoopervising this week, you did it last week!  Remeber, bathing the baby?  Lola, you're not being fair.  You always have to muscle in and spoil everything, GO AWAY!

MUUUUUM!  Tell Lola to go away.  It's my turn to do the snoopervising.  I should be the only one that gets the tuna.  Did I say tuna?  I meant, I should be the only one that gets to do the snoopervising.

LOLA!  GET AWAY FROM THOSE TUNA CANS!  You don't know the first thing about snoopervising tuna.

Okay Lola, you get to lick the spoon when we're done.

Charlie O'Marley


  1. Charlie, I think ALL kitties are pretty well qualified in matters of tuna.

  2. Siblings can be pesky but patents always tell us we need to share. Sigh...

    The Chans

  3. Whoa...that is BIG can of tuna.

  4. Hope the snoopervising went well after all the cameras were off the two of you. Tuna snoopervising might be a shared activity, I think. purrs

  5. Charlie O, it sounds like Lola is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. We say, don't send a lady cat to do a man cat's job!

  6. So, is there any tuna left for the human's supper?

  7. what a good job you are doing snoopervising, and teaching others, impressive.

  8. Very good job snoopervising!!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  9. you have THE best snoopervising job, we mean Charlie! sorry...your post had us a bit distracted...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  10. That is not fair that Lola interferes when it is your turn for snoopervising. We are glad we don't have a sister who keeps butting in.

  11. Sometimes Charley, if you can't beat them, let them lick the spoon! ;)

  12. Did you get tuns juice for all that hard work/

  13. Great job, Charlie! And how nice of you to let Lola lick the spoon. :)


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