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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thankful Thursday - Give Blood

But I don't want to go!
Today kitties I am thankful to be alive and well.  It's been over a week since my mysterious aliment and emergency trip to the v-e-t, yet we're still no closer to knowing what was wrong with me.  Other than I couldn't beathe and was very scared.  The Mum says that I was making the most awful gurgling noises and was foaming at the mouth.  Above is a picture of me in the PTU waiting to go. 
When I got to the v-e-t-s I tried to pretend that I was okay and the v-e-t was all for sending me home, when I started having difficulty breating and swallowing again.  It was then decided that the v-e-t would make me go sleepy and take a picture of my insides with a special camera. 
My handsome insides
It was while they were getting me ready to go for a special nap that I suddenly started projectile vomitting clear fluid.  It was then the v-e-t phoned The Mum and told her not to expect me to come home.  But I did come home and I am very thankful I did. 
Click to bigify

Here is a picture of the invoice and all the things they did to me (please click to bigify).  It doesn't look like much for nearly £600.  You'll notioce that The Mum has highlighted an area in red.  That says that I have donated blood to the pet blood bank to help out other poorly kitties who need to visit the v-e-t. 

You can read more about Pet Blood Bank UK here.

For a list of Pet Blood Banks in the United States of America, click here.

Save a life, give blood!

Thomas O'Toole


  1. Oh my kitty cat, that must have been so frightening for you and your mummy. We are glad you are home safe and sounds. Wow, that is a big bill, but mummy says our kitties are worth the world to us. BUT OMC, you have a dinosaur inside you????? How did that happen :O xxxx

  2. What a great thing you've done, and we're SO glad you're ok!

  3. I had no idea they had blood banks for kitties! I am underweight, so I probably wouldn't qualify, but I bet Binga and Boodie would! I am so glad you made it home, Thomas - you had a scary time at the vet's!

  4. That is furry khool!

    Mom says she's read of some Sibes in Khanada that donate regularly -

    I hope woo get some extra chasing fur that!

    PeeEssWoo: I hope woo got a stikhker fur your furs that said "I gave blood today - be nice to me"

  5. I do hope you're fully recovered now from whatever it was - nasty!

    Well done for donating:-)

  6. That is so great about the blood banks. It sure helped our friend Squashies. She had to have two blood transfusions.
    And glad you are feeling better. Hope you continue to be all right.

  7. We are so glad you are okay now. That musta been so scary for you and your mom.

    And how cool that you got to give blood! Now you can help another kitty who might need it!

  8. Wow, what an ordeal!!! We are so glad Thomas recovered and a is blood donor too...well done beautiful boy :-)

  9. Thomas, your insides are very handsome indeed but we fervently hope that we never have to see them again! And that they do find out what caused your very frightening problems. We're so glad you're well again.

    That bill does seem rather steep. Or perhaps we are just very lucky in having an extraordinary vet who charges only the strictest minimum. When Tommy had all his issues in early August and needed 4 vet visits, including one on a Saturday night, x-rays and surgery and drugs, the total bill was less than half yours!

    The Chans

  10. Oh Sweetheart that must have been so scary for both your mom and you! We are thankful and are glad you came home too!!!!!!!!

    Can Patches have worms if he is strictly an indoor kitty. He's never been outside, ever. ???

    Be well now!

  11. such handsome insides! :) I'm so sorry to hear they never figured out what was going on, but glad that you are feeling better.

    So kind of you to donate to the blood bank! And how awesome of them to do that. I've heard of blood donations, seen it happen, but there isn't a blood bank for kitties (or doggies that I know of) anywhere near me. Kudos to them!

  12. I am glad your kitty is well, and you're so kind to donate blood!

  13. You are so lucky that you came home!

  14. Wow, how scary. We're glad you are doing better. It's really great that you were able to donate blood to help other cats. We are surprised that you weren't feeling well and they let you donate anyhow. Were you starting to feel better by then?

  15. I'm sure glad you are ok! Your insides look totally cool.

  16. They can't figure out what's wrong and you couldn't breathe and then you vomited? Healing purrz.

  17. you have such cool insides, Thomas! what a scary time for you, and your folks. we cannot say how glad we are that you are better. and how cool that you donated blood! you can paw it forward and help other sick kitties. thanks for the info on US blood banks - we're gonna check that out! purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  18. I didn't realize there was a pet blood bank. I gotta check this out!

  19. Glad you are home, but what an ordeal! Vet visit is not for the faint geared kitty or parents when it cows to the bill.


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