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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Arr! It bein' meow like a pirate day, savvy?

ARR! Today it be bein' meow like a pirate day, savvy? Us bunch o' scurvy sea cats be shoving orf ta be lookin' fo' buried treasure, arr. Arr, ther' be bein' lots o' swashbuckling a scrubin' o' the poop deck. ARR! X be marking the spot wher' th' treats be buried.

Captin' Thomas th' Terrible on the good ship wheelbarra

The pirate princess Lola Fangnola 'er self

First mate Charlie Chicken Chewer

And Izzy Bitey Beak th' ship's parrot

Us scurvy sea cat be whisin' ye all a happy an' swashbuckling Meow like a pirate day!

Thomas th' Terrible, Charlie Chicken Chewer, Lola Fangnola and Izzy Bitey Beak x


  1. Heehee!! That boat is AWESOME!! If you happen to be in my seas, pick me up and we'll go looking for NIP booty!!

  2. Avast ye mateys! We be joining yer crew and ready to set sail to hunt for buried treasure! Arrrr!

    Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day!

  3. Actually you are the cutest pirates we have ever seen (was that the look you were going for?)

  4. Meowee! You really are a pirate with you very own parrot.

  5. What a fun post....thanks.....purrrrrrsssssss

  6. me-yarrrrrr! what a fine crew ye be--all shipshape an' bristol fashun, each terrible lovely in yer own way. so glad ye be joinin' us today!!

    we be most impressed that ye haf yer own fevver factory--do s/he speak?

  7. You all look mighty fine as pirate
    crew! Aaaarrrrrgh!

  8. Arrrr, ye be makin' a fine pirate bunch indeed! Well done, mateys!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Pirate Krew

  9. That is the best pirate crew ever..

    Hugs GJ xx

  10. Even the parrot is a pirate! Great pics!!

  11. Ye be makin' fine pirates, furriends! Aaarrrrgggg!

  12. Arrgghh ye all make a fine boat load of pirates and the parrot looks especially delicious...errr....dashing!
    We want to thank you for stopping by our blog with such nice words & purrs
    for our dad and his surgery this week!
    Our internet friends are the greatest!!!

  13. Aye, me hearties! Ye make 'ery fine pirates, mateys! Ye e'en ha'e ye 'ery own parrot! Arrrr!

  14. Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirates life for me!


    Thiefin' Cory Baddy Paws

  15. You guys look like real pirates. Where have you hidden your treasure? FAZ

  16. Aha me hearties - did you find the buried treasure?????
    Great piccies!!

  17. Arrr ye be fearsome pirates fer sure. It were a pleasure to be sailing the Seven Seas with ye.

  18. AMAZING graphics all,
    you Mommy is very creative,
    I love it :))))
    Happy pirate day =^.^-

  19. Oh we are so sad we missed talk like a pirate day! But it looks like you all had a lot of fun - I hope you found some wonderful treasure!

    And you all make very cute pirates (can pirates be cute?) - the pictures are wonderful!!


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