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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Bathtime!

Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

And now a few words, well quite a lot of words actually from our mum bean.

Firstly I would like to apologise for not commenting on many blogs. Things start off okay and then after a while Blogger returns and error code whenever I attempt to comment on a blog. Maybe I just have too much to say!

Also I would like to assure everyone we're doing all we can to break Charlie of his bee habit. I am attempting to keep him in, but Charlie is a lot younger and a lot faster then I am and sometimes he's like a greyhound out of a trap whenever he hears a door open. I have also removed the flowers from the plants, they were beginning to go over anyway. I have also taken to spraying Charlie with water whenever I catch him with a bee. It seems to be slowly sinking in as he's no longer trying to eat them. Also I have researched the bees that Charlie is catching. It turns out they're common masonry bees, which do not sting. Still it's a habit I'd rather Charlie does not expand on. I would be grateful of any other tips!

Mum Bean (Nicola) x


  1. Our Mom would faint if she ever saw us near a bee! But aren't they another good source of protein? Charlie, maybe you should just stick to spiders and flies that get in the house.

  2. We don't have much experience with bees so can't help there (The Mommy freaks if she sees us trying to chase a bee or wasp!). But The Mommy said she's been having some problems with commenting through Blogger lately too, so it's not just you!

    We love the baff time photos!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  3. We definitely agree with Laila & Minchie. Spideys are a nice treat.

    To Mom - Have you talked to your Vet about this? There are repellents to keep animals away from things and bad tasting things like bitter apple. Of course, in a few weeks the bees will be gone, and then you'll have time to prepare for next year.

  4. So sorry you are having a error when trying to comment on some blogs. We've had that problem a while back, then we started using Mozilla.

    The baff pics are so cute!!! Just look at your shiny clean furs!!

  5. Hiya,

    Alfie goes after Bees too so that was a helpful tip. I'll tell mom to hose him down wiv cold water if he so much as looks at a Bee. He's already been stunged twice.

    Milo xx

  6. You both look furry clean after your tubby~time. Did it end up in a wrestling match like it ALWAYS does with King and Pandora?

  7. You are very clean cats. I love baths.

  8. Great photos!!!!!

    And we're so very happy to hear Charlie is beginning to realize bees are not for him.

    Mommy laughed about him dashing out the door....says that is Sammy....Sammy's much slower nowdays, but Mommy's reactions are much slower nowdays also....they are about the same age.....I'm so happy to be a bit from all of us..........Andy

  9. We didnt' think you were just letting Charile eat the bees - we know how hard it is to get a kitty to stop doing stuff sometimes - we would have used water too so I am not sure what else to suggest - we used to us a quick blast of canned air on the backside to stop things - from a distance of course. I think it was the sound that was the thing they hated - don't know if that would work or not.

    And those are great bath pictures - Lola is such a pretty girl - I hope she stays that way! Our Lola has turned into a pudgy, cranky old lady cat (but I still love her dearly).

  10. Sounds as if you are doing all you can to keep Charlie away from bees. We are sure he will be fine.

    Loved the bath pictures. ~S,S,C & F

  11. We think the water is a really good idea - we hate getting sprayed! And we love the photos today - we also think Lola and Franklin look very much alike.

  12. We think that there is a blogger problem - our wall of fire was acting up for quite a while, and we couldn't even look at any blogs - reckon it was something to do with Blogger.

    Beautiful photos :)

  13. Sadly we cannot give you any tips about the bees. Nanny doesn't know much about cats. She still under my supervision.


  14. Mum has been trying to stop me chasing and catching bees and other buzzing things for almost 0 years now.. No look.. I just like chasing them.. Good luck in trying.. HUgs GJ x

  15. We finks dat the spritz is a grate ider fur keeping Charlie away frum dee sweet tasty beez. Dem were sum furry nice pixchurs...purrs

  16. My Marshmellow likes to catch a fly. We seldom have one inside but when we do he never gives up, and most times after a couple of hours he catches it.

    As far as bees, I have learned to be calm when they are around me because I am alergic. I hope your bees will go away soon. Maybe now that the flowers are gone the bees will go away.

    I liked the pictures of bath time. They both have very silky coats.


  17. Lol. So it turns out that Charlie was smarter than everyone.

  18. Wow, Lola! Are you ever clean now!!

    And Charlie...stop trying to eat the bees, okay?? We never ate one, but we're sure they can't bee good!! haha! Wally once stepped on one and got we know those bees aren't very nice.

  19. Mom tries to atract bees to our yard because they are good for the environment and for flowers and food. She does what she can to keep us from chasing them, but Jonesie and Ginger and Madison aren't too interested. Cecilia is the only one who cares and we can't stop her from doing anything!!! The rest of us are mostly inside all the time.

  20. you must be clean as a new pin now after all that baffing Lola.
    We think there was a blogger problem because the other day we had a couple of blogs that kept giving us an error message when we tried to post.

  21. Glad they are not stinging bees.

  22. Our kitties like to eat dragonflies which I think they think are birds. Bees might be like a fuzzy drink, Coke perhaps. Our Shepherd eats bees all the time and gets stung too. I think she likes it, like we like spicey food. Sorry, I'm no help...just relating.


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