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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Telltale Tuesday

Bad: Dad has takened the batteries out of the camera to use in his wireless mouse!

Good: No flashy beast or pawparazzi!

Bad: No great pictures to blog with!

Good: We get to nap in peace!

Bad: This will make our blog boring!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. I say, sneak them out while he's not looking!!!

  2. What Maggie May said--you guys are SO lucky the flashy-thing can't work. We want to move to your place. Our mum has extra sets of batteries, so we never can escape that stupid camera-thing.

    -Annie, Nicki, and Derry

  3. Your so lucky. Lets hope they dont buy new batteries for the flashy thing again so you can nap in peace.

  4. Wow, what a stroke of luck for y'all!!!!!! We never thought about trying to remove the battery from mamabug's flashy box, but it might be something we need to look into.

  5. Mixed blessings, in fact...

    But... WE WANT PHOTOS!!!!!!

  6. You are never boring! But we do love pictures.

  7. We got excited until we realised it won't work for us - wrong shaped battery. Mum puts the old batteries from the toothbrush in her mouse to use them right up.

  8. Well, we know that you hate the flashy box, and we understand it. But we do like to see pictures of you all- we hope you have new batteries soon!

  9. Oh I miss the pics of your lovely kitties. Everyone needs a break though.

    Paws & Whiskers

  10. That is just beyond rude! I mean really--even the Male wouldn't do that!

  11. Well at least yoo won't get intrusive photos BUT the downside is we won't see photos of yoo either!

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  13. We think it's really funny...our batteries are dead too! Nanny is charging them right now.

    Of course, I'm missing not seeing you guys. Enjoy your nap!


  14. A wireless mouse, sounds interesting. What does it do? Run around, squeek?

  15. Ban the flashy box!

  16. Maybe we can get our dad to take the batteries out of mom's flashy box and use them in something!!!

  17. Count your blessings! As my friend Huffle taught me.... no flashy beast means no "evil pupparazzi"!


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