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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Avast! Today be being the 4th Annual Meow Like I Pirate Day, Arr. Here we be celebrating our second MLAPD by huntin' down the famouse long lost treasure of that old scallywag, Bone Beard The Black

That ol' sea dog Bone Beard the Black

Arr! First lets be meeting the cap'n an' crew. Feast ye eyes on these sorry sacks o' teeth an' fur. There be being Cap'n Long Tom Silver, fiercest pirate on the Seven Seas. Arr!

Next be Charlie Sparra Nommer. Savvy? Greatest sparra nommer to ever grace the Briney deep.

Lets no be forgettin' The Queen o' the pirates, Lola the Grey Heart. Don't be letting her fair looks be fooling ya. She's a grey hearted femme feline fatale who only love be the sea (and Cap'n Alfie Marshall of course).

Beware Landlubbers and all who sail the seas, for we be castin' off in the fearsome Fevver Boa, fastest ship this side o' the haunted shores of Davy Jones' Litter Locker

The Fevver Boa and her scurvy crew

We be havin' a treasure map where X be marking the spot. So be bringin' ye shovels and spades. Put ye backs inta it ye scurvy dogs!

Arr! We have unearthed the cursed treasure chest! Aye, that same chest be containin' the famouse long lost treasure o' Cap'n Bone Beard The Black. Open it quick men! And woman. Be at it!

Avast! What be being inside?

Be it Cat toys n' treats? Arr!

Be it dried nip? Arr!

Arr! What trickery be this?


What a load of.........


Cap'n Long Tom Silver, Charlie Sparra Nommer, and Lola Grey Heart x


  1. Good grief! This is all quite terrifying... and pretty exciting too!

  2. LOVE IT! You make an awesome Pirate crew. But bones? And tennis balls?? I'd throw that treasure back.

  3. Arrrrr! That b' a fine vessel yoo sail there mateys! And excellent treasure! But the best treasure of all is my bootiful femme feline fatale, Lola. I'd walk any plank for 'er! She b' my heart's desire.

    Cap'n Alfie Marshall

  4. Ahoy~!!! You sure a fine tropp of Pirates! Your ship is looks very seaworthy and your treasure chest of loot is great!

  5. Ahoy, we thinks we will be plundering that treasure.

  6. Fabulous post.. Brilliant.. HUgs GJ xx

  7. Ahoy Ye clever mateys! Arr loved the post.

  8. Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh!! What a fine bunch o pirates ye be!!! Finecrew,fine ship!! best o luck with yer plunderin!
    YAR!! Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. Arrrrr!!! We be joinin' ye on yer high sea adventures and partakin' o' all that booty!!

  10. Goodness, you are all very scary. We hardly recognized you. And look at the treasure you found. Wow. You hit the jackpot, nip and all. Great post. We might have to sail the seas to steal that treasure from you.

  11. Avast mateys ye beat us to the treasure! Arrrr!

  12. meYARRRR! what a fine cap'n an' crew ye haf! we be proud t'sail along side yer vessel, an' commend ye on yer canny sailin' an' findin' o'that bonny treasure. should it come t'defendin' yon treasure, we would call it honour t'aid ye against all comers!

  13. Garrr you cut a fine figure of a pirate crew for sure. That is some good booty you plundered but we would send the load of balls to Davy Jones locker.

  14. HaRrrrr!

    I love the booty - AND the treasure!

    Way to go Khaptain Khanine Bone Beard The Blakhk!


  15. ahoy! thar be a fine lookin crew! Ye should come by and set sail wif us yarrrr! we hope that be nips MOL

  16. Happy meow like a pirate day~!!! You guys look GRRR-8!

  17. Excellent post! I love it! Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!!!


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