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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Surly Saturday

Do I look happy? Do I? No. No I do not.

Would you like to know the reason why I do not look at all happy?

Charlie O'Marley. My big brother. He's older then me by four weeks and he seems to think that gives him the right to boss me about.

There has been loads of dirty looks and hisses exchanged recently, but it all came to a head yesterday when my big brute of a brother chased me round the house, managed to corner me in dad's wardrobe and gave me the smackypawing of my life.

Teeth, claws and fur were flying everywhere and we were both shouting some rather rude words at each other. Eventually mum managed to break up the fight and separate us. Charlie was told off and remained in the dog house for the rest of the day.

Mum cannot understand why relations between us have suddenly broken down. We used to play and snuggle together as kittens, Mum has photographic proof!

Anyway Mum is hoping to address the situation, maybe that means she's going to sell Charlie.

What!?! A girl can dream, can't she?

Lola Fannola x


  1. There could be a lot of things that sparked this kind of a tooth-and-nail, knockdown-dragout. For example, this sort of thing can happen between me and Boodie when Boodie has been to the vet. Or it could be redirected aggression - meaning that unbeknownst to your human, Charlie might have seen another cat through a window, gotten angry with it and taken his frustration out on an easy mark, meaning you, Lola! If things were testy between you for a while now, and may have just taken a while to come to a head. Has your human considered maybe treating you two as if you were strangers and going through a reintroduction phase?

  2. Maybe Charlie needs a calming collar or something! I don't have any experience with that sort of thing, but I've read about it on lots of other blogs, like the Daily Gs.

    Also, it could be a dominance thing. We often have scuffles between Dylan and Domino because he attacks her, but it generally doesn't last very long.

    Hope you find the solution!

    By the way, that brute Charlie is on the LOLSpot today.

  3. It is strange how the boys chase the girls. And all the boys here are neutered. Sparkle has some great suggestions. We think that Charley should be locked up for awhile and if he does it again, lock him up again. We are so sorry Lola that he beat you up. Hope you are all right. Next time Lola go under something.
    Hope you have a good week end.

  4. Maybe it is some weird thing with the change of seasons? Boys are so mean sometimes - I am not ever mean, but other boys sure are.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Lola, we're sorry Charlie is bothering you now. Sparkle had some great ideas about it. It could be redirected agression. That's what our animal behaviorist says it is about 90% of the time. Also, the change in seasons...different smells can affect us. We've been kinda crazy lately too...running around and thinks it's the changing seasons. If Charlie gets too mean, your mom may need to separate you two for a little while. Feliway might help a little too. Lola, we hope Charlie starts being nicer to you.

  6. Uh oh! We don't have any suggestions cause I'm an only cat, but Sparkle and the others had some good advice. We hope your humans can get it worked out!

  7. Poor Lola! We usually get a little testy in Spring and Fall, too. Perhaps a calming collar for the two of you would help.

    And you know you can always come over and play with us. Mommy won't tell and Daddy won't notice!

  8. I use the Felaway plug-ins, I don't know if they do anything but it is worth a try. You can also get a calming spray to mist on Charlie's cat bed (if he sleeps in one). What about giving them treats together or nip...a shared activity that they both enjoy?

    Sorry to hear about the argument Lola, I hope you both can find a way to be friends again :-)

  9. We have those arguments at our house and then we are snuggling together again!

  10. We sometimes get mad at each other when a strange cat sprays or hangs around outside. Maybe that's what happened with you guys.

  11. What?

    NO VIDEO fur ME?


    PeeEssWoo: Hi Shen! So, was it THAT exciting?!?!

  12. Miss Lola, you know if it gets too much for you, you can come here where we'll cuddle you like the princess you are!!

  13. Oh noes! We are sad to hear this happened. We hope this isn't going to happen to us!


  14. I hope you can find out what is going on with Charlie.

  15. Sorry to hear about the fight, beautiful Lola; we hope things get back to normal and you guys start getting along again...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. These things are a bit of a mystery. At our house, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan get along really well but occasionally, Tama-Chan will start a fight for no obvious reason (we tend to think the redirected aggression theory is the right one). Yuu-Chan used to love playing with Bibi but, ever since he's been ill, he gets really annoyed at him.

    Anyway, we hope Lola and Charlie will make peace soon.


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