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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thursday Smackdown and other things

We just thought that everyone would like to see just how our bathing session ended yesterday. In the usual way - Smackdown!

Sorry about the video quality, mum bean is still learning!

Also we would like to show you a picture that pre-teen bean drew of us at school. Ana (pre-teen bean) is 11 years old and sufferers from a developmental condition called Autism. She goes to a special school and is doing really well. One of her favourite subjects is art and as you can see she's very good at it. She's also very good at playing with the fevver boa toy! Ana asked especially if her picture could be featured on our blog.

Lola chasing a butter fly, Charlie has caught a mouse and Thomas has eaten his, only the tail is left!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Loved the video!

    Ana is definitely a very talented artist and she obviously loves you kitties!

  2. Hi guys!
    *Alice jumps up and down and waves paw madly*
    This is our first visit to you and we want to say that video is so funny! We have smackdowns here too...quite often acutally. And we love Ana's drawing!

    jane & Alice

  3. The video is fantastic! That's how baths ALWAYS end up at our house too!!! And, your Ana is a furry talented girl! The picture she drew is PAWESOME!!! We give her all of our paws up!!! We have an award for you today! :o)

  4. We love the smackdon vid! And we think Ana is very talented.

  5. The video is so lovely
    thanks for the smile :))))
    Ana is very TALENTED !

  6. Enjoyed your video.

    Ana is very talented....we look forward to hopefully seeing more from her in the future.


  7. I think that the smackdown could be a series...

  8. That smackdown was very funny! Pixie and Callie do that a lot. MOL And the picture from Ana is very good, we liked it very much!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. Wow! What awesome drawings of the kitties. She has them down perfectly with personality and how they look. Definately a lot of talent there!

  10. Cute vid of you guys ...

    And, your little teen bean is very talented ...

  11. The smakdown happens alot here but
    ONLY certain cats stay down and
    enjoy the bath others fight back... hee hee. Your bean draws cats very
    well! Purrs! :)

  12. Howdy, that is a super picture of you all.

    Being an only cat, I miss out on the good smackdowns.

  13. Oooo we fink yoo too could be on Monday Night SmackDown! And pleeze tell Ana she did a fantastical job on her drawing!


  14. cool video! Our bath sessions end in smackdown's, too! Ana is a great artist.

  15. Bath and smack time! Can't have one without the other. Most beans like to have a bath and a snack, perhaps, but we're not kitties. However, I guess their bath is a snack of sorts, isn't it. Anything left in the furs is snackworthy.

    Ana did a wonderful job with her pictures! Those are fantastic even for an adult. Well done, Ana!

  16. we loved the video and the picture !

  17. But you are playing nice. With us it always ends with one cat (still fighting) falling flat on the floor.
    We love the picture, it is very good, maybe you should pose for her some time.

  18. That is beautiful artwork! We expect to see something from her hanging in a gallery or museum in the future!

  19. Hahahahahaha!! That was a cool video!
    We also think that Ana is a fantastic artist!!! The kitties look pawsome :)
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. How pawsome Ana that is great looking.

  21. Dat a pawsome video and da drawing too! I luvs to da smackdown wif my sisfur or brofur, it much funs. MOL


  22. That was a great video!

    And we love Ana's drawing!! Tell her we think she is very talented (she draws better at 11 then I ever will!)


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