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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Photo Hunters - Black

My mood is as black as my furs.

I'm still not talking to you mum, yesterday was a black day.

Charlie O'Marley x


A note from mum.

Hello everyone. I used to use Frontline or the drops on the back of the neck, but swapped to tablets for two reasons. One, getting the drops on the back of the neck wasn't easy. Shen would sit still and let me do it being a dog, but the cats where suspicious of anything wet. Two, because I couldn't dose properly it became ineffective against the fleas and we were over run a few months back and I had to flea bomb the entire house.

I use pill pockets for Thomas as he doesn't seem to notice the pills. But Lola will eat round it and spit it out and Charlie refuses to have anything to do with the pill pockets. So unfortunately it's the old grab and shove maneuver and I get ignored for a few days. It wasn't as bad as they made out, it was all over in seconds ;o)


  1. We had heard that Frontline is no longer working very well. We had already switched to Advantage Multi as it is impossible to get a pill down Scylla.

    Charlie your black fur is beautiful. ~AFSS

  2. Fleas can get in houses even when pets don't go outdoors....they come in on people's pants legs, etc. We are very lucky as we have only had two instances where they got into our house and onto us......and Frontline took care of them on us in no time flat!!!!!

  3. Black fur is one of the most beautiful thing on earth,don't you think,Charlie?

    We had fleas all over our body when we were baby kitties,but now we have none!!

  4. I hear of so many people having this
    problem lately. :( It's like a flea
    explosion. The cats don't like the
    chemicals because of the smell, I suppose? Do the pills work well?
    I've never heard about those? I want
    to be informed in case we have to deal with this problem. Thanks :)

  5. "pill" is a four letter word! Come to think of it, so is "flea". Hmmmm, which is worse? *pondering*
    xx lounge kats

  6. Oh Charley -- you are a very handsome house panther, indeed, but your mood doesn't need to be black as well.

    Your mum has very good intentions. I think you would be a lot more miserable if you had fleas biting you! I think you should say "thanks" to your mum for helping you.

  7. I love your pictures, Charlie. It must be very special, being black.

  8. Beautiful shiny black furs for Black Photo Hunters, Charlie...My girls are almost impossible to pill, I have to use that pill shooter down their throat and forget about Halle; my smallest kitty is a fighter and she's super strong=at the vet 2 weeks ago, 4 women had to hold her down to get blood from her leg!!...needless to say, Halle gets shots for any meds. and I use Advantage Multi on them....Have a fun Saturday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. I don't fuss with frontline, it's a piece of crap compared to revolution. I went from infestation to flea free in a matter of like 2 or 3 months without doing ANYTHING else. It doesn't matter if they don't quite get it all either. The revolution is just that good. As a prevention, frontline may be fine, but to kill them, nothing beats revolution, not even advantage.

  10. Well. You do make black look like a good thing. Black is the new pink.

  11. Charlie, we hate getting pills too!! And those pill pockets might fool Zoey but not me!! But something tells me that the pill you had to take was a good thing 'cuz you sure don't want fleas!


  12. WE use Revolution, too. It is what our vet recommends. With my two, it is easier than pills!


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