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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thursday in the garden

As I promised on last week's gardening post it's time to see how our Cat Mint (Nepeta Racemosa) is coming along.

We planted it on 18th April. Here's a picture of how it looked then.

This is how it looks now. It has certainly done a lot of growing in a short place of time.

The tiny purple flowers

Unfortunately our grass seed hasn't done anything yet, despite mum watering it every day. Maybe the bird ate all the seeds when we weren't looking. We will keep you posted on any grass developments.

Don't forget to visit my other gardening friends

and that most handsome of man cats

Lola Fannola x


  1. Your catnip has such pretty purple blooms. Ours isn't blooming yet but Mommy reports it has gotten really big and she MAY bring it out of the greenhouse so we can see it.

  2. Just looking at those tender little nip leaves makes me purrr...

  3. WOW~!!! it's taking off like a bat outta hell! You're gonna have a HUGE supply!

  4. The catnip looks terrific! You are so lucky to have the fresh stuff! :-)

  5. ...that cat mint of yours is amazing and pretty! Our Mrs H thinks we are weird on account of us not being moved in any shape or form by cat mint. We don't know what all the fuss is about. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  6. Congratulations Lola, you're doing such a great job and your garden is looking fabulous!...Keep up the good work sweetie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Lola, the catmint looks wonderful! We have catmint outside and some cats around here (not us! we don't go outside) keep smashing it - but it is persistent.

    P.S. Franklin says he agrees that Alfie is very handsome!

  8. These days there's so much to see in the garden and it seems like it changes every day.

  9. That is a lot of growth, you must have green paws.. Hugs GJ x

  10. Oh boy!!!!!! Look at that catmint :o
    Pawsome :)
    THat is going to be soooooo much fun to roll in and eat!!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  11. Cat nip. We canot BEGIN to say how much we lovelovelove it! Looks like it's growing nicely!
    xx lounge kats

  12. You have some gorgeous catmint going there!

  13. My staff think I'm weird 'cause I don't like the fresh stuff. . . but it is very pretty. I mean nice-looking.

  14. I love to snag mint -

    It keeps my breath sweet fur when I khyss the khats!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Shen!


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