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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thursday in the garden

It's Thursday again. Sadly today will be a short post as Toddlerbean has thoughtfully shared her rather snotty cold with mum. So she's not up to much gardening at the moment. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact she spent the last two days painting the doorsteps and exterior windowsills. That's right mum, you blame Toddlerbean *tut*.

The baby tomato plants have grow lots and have since been re-potted. They were a gift from one of our neighbours. they very kindly gave us 22 tomato plants. Only, mum doesn't like tomatoes. Oh well, if you need some, you'll know who to ask.

Mum did manage to plant up a new planter with three Clematis Montanas in different colours (sadly no flower until next year) and a mixed lot of Trailing Lobelia

Some of our old Lobelia plants are starting to flower. Mum bought two trays of WHITE Lobelia. There always has to be one that's different, doesn't there?

This is what they're supposed to look like!

We hope you enjoyed our short but sweet gardening post. Don't forget to visit all our other gardening friends.


Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Mom loves tomatoes but cannot grow them! Pretty flowers.

  2. Everything looks wonderful; good job to you all! And our human loves tomatoes, if we could have some of yours, we would. :-)

    We guess we're members of the gardening club now....Cory and Jonesie said it was okay and you've listed us, so our human had better get the graphic up on our blog. LOL.

  3. Great looking garden! We'll take all the tomatos you want to get rid of...we can't get enough of the fresh ones during the summer. Nothing better than a tomato sandwich, with a bit of mayo and some sweet onion :)

  4. Lovely garden post.

    We purr that your mum and the toddlerbean will both feel A-OK soon. xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Lovely gardening photos! We think the clematis will be beautiful, and our mom says lobelia is one of her favorites (she usually grows Crystal Palace because of the color.)

    Hope your mom feels a lot better soon!

  6. This is a great post - we think the plants are looking great! It is too bad you are so far - our mom would gladly take any tomatoes! Her dad used to grow them and she always would get them from him, but when she tried on her own it was a big FAIL!

    And we hope that both your mom and toddlerbean get over their colds soon! Our mom still has hers hanging on a bit and so we know what a chore it is for the kitties to take care of one sicky - two must have you three on your toes!!

  7. A great gardening post, the flowers are pretty and the yummy tomato plants look great!!...We hope your Mum feels better soon; be sure to give her extra cuddles and kisses...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Get well soon, Toddlerbean & Mum. There sure has been a nasty bug going around this Spring.
    We enjoyed seeing what's new in the garden, Mommy likes clematis a lot!

  9. Our mum loves tomatoes and always grows them in the greenhouse. We hope your mum and ToddlerBean soon feel better.

  10. You have a very promising garden there, and I love the Loebelia -- I never knew what it was called.

    I put some in most of my pots with other annuals. They always add such a punch of colour, or a sparkle of white.

    Thanks for mentioning us in your gardening group.

  11. Mom says the flowers are PAWESOME!

    We hope your mum feels better soon!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Shen!

  12. Our Mom wishes she could grow some tomatoes...she loves them. Your garden looks so beautiful and we all hope your Mom feels better furry soon!


  13. The garden is looking good. I hope mms cold is better soon.. HUgs GJ xx

  14. We are hoping your mom and toddlerbean are feeling better soon! And, mom just LOVES your planter! She needs to get one like that as one of our CB furriends (Alasandra) is sending mom some Wisteria seeds and being they are vines, she's having trouble deciding where to plant them.

  15. We are purring and hoping you are all feeling better real soon!

  16. Lovely pictures - I just bought a house where I'd love to get some climbing vines going, maybe I'll borrow your idea!


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