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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday In The Garden with Charlie O'Marley

Hello fellow feline gardeners and furiends. Today it is my turn to show you around our garden. There is so much do to, plants to water, blooms to dead head and butterflies to chase.

We have finally had a break in the hot weather at a short shower of rain, however the weather man says that it's not to last and the hot will be coming back from tomorrow. Snoopervision in the heat of the day can become quite exhausting.

Mum has planted up two very special containers for us and placed them by the front door. They contain Pink Cat Mint (Walker's Low), Lemon Verbena and purple grass. Mum got the idea from one of her cat magazines, Your Cat.

Not only do they look lovely, but they're all good plants for cats.

Om nom nom nom nom. Ahem, just making sure that everything is in order.

The Hydrangea is bursting in to bloom.

The new Petunia hanging baskets are growing well.

Last but not least our first tomato, currently growing on our tomato plants.

I hope you have enjoyed looking round our garden today. Don't forget to check out the other gardening kitties out there. Go and see what they're up to in their gardens today.

Charlie O'Marley x


  1. You're garden looks terrific! Excellent work! We didn't even know catnip came in varieties--wow!

    Stay as cool as possible--it's crazy hot here too!

  2. Love the tour of your garden today! That little baby tomato is making me purrr...looks very whappable!!!

  3. We think those containers are such a great idea! They are very pretty - and it looks like they taste good too! And your flowers look beautiful - we especially like that gorgeous photo of the pink hydrangea. (Our mom says that would make a nice art print!)

    P.S. We hope you get some rain soon - we're purring!

  4. Your garden is lovely....we especially like the containers! How thoughtful of your Mom. Good luck with your tomatos, ours are growing very well so we'll send some tomato power your way.

  5. Your garden is looking great! And we think it is so cool that there is some special stuff there just for you kitties! That has to make gardening extra fun for you!

  6. What a nice looking garden, so full of beautiful flowers. We do a lot of containers here too because we have nothing but red clay and that is so hard to dig in. We love your garden.

  7. Charlie, yoor garden is looking awesome!
    Please give Lola my love!

    Alfie xx

  8. Love the container your Mom made for you.

  9. Great tour, Charlie; your garden is looking lovely with such colorful blooms...You guys are very lucky to have your own kitty plants right outside the front door (our Mom loves your pretty blue door too!)...kisses and hugs handsome boy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Oh wow - yous a great gardener :)

  11. Love the metal cats. Your flower are so pretty. you do a great job. taste testing is the most omportant job of all.

  12. Charlie
    Your garden is extraordinary gorgeous! We love the metal sculptures. All the flowers are beautiful and in bloom, its all so lovely.


  13. Wow pink catmint! Is it so good it makes you see pink elephants?

  14. Wow! How nice of you mom to plant you a planter full of good-for-cats plants!!


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