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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Not So Shivery Saturday

We're happy to report that our heating is now working and everything is toasty warm. There was a worrying moment when the heating shut off and mum bean had to reset the boiler, but everything seems to be working fine now.

We have another award so show you all, the Showing Some Love Award.

This one comes from our good furiend Ginger Jasper. We would like to show some love and pass this award onto all our blogging friends!

Also today a small packet came in the post and even though it didn't smell of nip or noms, mum said it was for us. It contained our new brass identity tags which have our names, telephone number and our v-e-t-s number on just in case. They look very fetching hanging from our collars and now mum feels so much better about us being out and about, knowing that if we do get lost or there's an emergency she can be contacted. We're all microchipped, but mum bean feels better that we have some form of ID tag on us at all times.

Speaking of being out and about, do you remember when that mysterious kitty portal to the outside world appeared in our backdoor?

Well, Thomas has learnt how to go out through the kitty portal, but as of yet hasn't figured out how to get in. We'll keep you posted!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. I'm so glad that your heating is finally working. I know all about that -- our furnace went out last winter and it took a while to get the part to fix it. We ended up using space heaters (electric)! Boy, was our electric bill high when we got it! But at least they helped to ward off the cold.

    What a lovely award! Thanks for passing it along.

    Also, it's a very good idea to have identity tags. The ones we have are actually little microchips that are injected into the back of the neck by the vet. All of the ID information can be read by a scanner.

    And silly, Thomas! What a pickle! I sure hope he learns how to get back in soon -- before it gets even colder out there!

  2. We're happy your heat is working now! It's no fun being cold!

    We wear ID tags too...even though we don't go outside, mom sez it's like insurance just in case anything should happen.

  3. That's cool that you have all your information on your collar. You'll be safe that way. As for that portal to Outside....that is SO cool!!! Momma won't let us have one of those because she says we'd invite everbuddy within 20 miles to come inside wif us.

  4. Glad you are warm again.

    We can't have portals to the outide because "some" of us aren't allowed there...but mostly mom is sure that she'd wake up to find racoons, and every neighborcat within miles inside our house waiting for breakfast.

  5. Oh that would be horrible if your heater wasn't working YET! Congratulations on your award!

  6. We'#re glad yoor heating is werking! And a kitty portal sounds great fun! Thomas had betta get to grips wiv it soon or he'll freeze his b*****ks off when it gets cold! (that's if he's still got any ~ tee hee)

  7. Warmth ... YES ... just in time for the cold season.

  8. KhonKhats on your award!

    Tank woo fur khoming by my khorner!


  9. Glad you got heat again. ID tags are great to help find Mom again if you got lost. Not everyone looks for a microchip. Concats on your award too.

  10. It took Kirby a while to learn how to somt in. We have ours locked so it is only one way. We can not go out with out Mom opening the door and then it is only to the garage.. Mom attempted to shove kirby through ours a couple of times, but stopped cause she was loosing to the claws!

  11. Glad you like the award.. I am soooo glad your heating is working now..You can be toasty warm now.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Such good news that your heating s working!

    We hear you on the kitty portal issue. We are in apprenticeship at this end as well.

    "The Chans"

  13. We think Thomas will learn soon enough as it gets colder. Or maybe he just likes it when someone opens the door for him. (Why do it yourself, when you can make someone else do it).
    We are glad the heat is back and the CO is gone.

  14. So you're not coming over for a cuddle then??

  15. Well, it's probably prudent to stay snuggled up together -- just in case the heat quits again.

  16. That is great that the heat is back on (we are behind so I hope I don't check a more recent post and see it is back off again - I have had that kind of bad luck for people lately).

    My question is - does the door work differently in different directions?


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