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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Talkative Tuesday

Finally, I get a chance to blog.

I have noticed that many of you kitty cats and human slave people have been asking my human slave person if I have the ability to talk. Well, yes, tes I do. In fact I speak human so well that I am able to actually converse with my human slaves.

I have found this to be extremely useful when obtaining what I want. Which is everything!

I am able to say;

Hello Chicken
I'm a chicken
You're a chicken
Thank you
Leave it!
It's not yours!
Be nice
Don't bite
I will BITE you!
Shut up!
All right
All right chicken?
All right then
You all right there?
How should I know?
I know, I know!
C'mon then
I'm hungry, I'd like some chicken
See ya
What you doing?
What you doing sweetie?
What you doing chicken?
What you doing Amy? (youngest daughter)
What do you want?
Shen (dog)
Shen off
Shen out!
Smelly dog
Stinky bum
Good girl
Change your bum
Time for bed
Do you want your ba ba? (Amy's bottle)
Drink your ba ba
Do you want some orange?
I want some orange
Do you need a wee wee?
Gis us a kiss Mwah
I can't get out!
You're a narna
Iggle Piggle
Maka Paka
Don't be too long
Be careful!
Are you in there?
Where's your neigh neigh (Amy's my little pony)
You'll hurt yourself!
Let's go on a Zeeeeeeeeeebra ride!
What's wrong?
Sit on your lap?
What's wrong with the chicken?
Shut your bum (This is a mix of shut up and change your bum)
Missy, I'm warning you!
Nikki! Nikki!
What's that noise?
I can't hear anything
What's that smell
Charlie Boy
You're a cheeky bum
Aye aye aye

I also have the ability to copy many of the household noises I hear on a daily basis. I can ring like all three telephones that are here.

As you can see I am a very talented bird.

Missy Moo on the other hand doesn't say anything. My human slave says this is because he cannot get a word in edgewise. I am not sure I know what she means.

Izzy Whizz x

And now some words from Human Slave person.

Thomas O'Toole is a odd cat, something we have put down to poor socialisation as a kitten. He rarely plays with cat toys. If you attempt to get him to play he will look at you is if you're crazy and then stalk off.

On those rare occasions I actually catch him playing with something he immediately stops and then looks very embarrassed and annoyed.

Unfortunately the other day I disturbed him whilst he was playing in the tunnel. I thought it was Charlie in there!


  1. Oh my Izzy!!! You sure are a feathery talented birdie! We want to hear you say ALL of those things!!!

  2. OK Issy, very impressive but at least we kitties keep our tails out of our food bowls! {{giggle}}=^Y^=

  3. I had a bird as a child. His name was cigar and he was yellow. I always stop by the birds, just for a moment, when I go in a pet store.

    Al is our cat that doesn't play. He will find a catnip mouse every once in a while but mostly he watches Riley play with the older brother .. what's that baby doing .. look.

  4. Hi ya, Izzy! Our dad has an African Gray at his store...her name is Scarlett and she talks up a storm too! She can order pizza!! Haha!! When the phone rings she always ses "Hello!" And she barks like dogs and meows like cats (well, not us though, 'cuz we've never actually met her). Our mom sez you birdies are really smart!!

  5. Izzy you have a very impressive vocabulary!

  6. What a talented birdie you are, Izzy!!!!

    We don't play much anymore either, but we think it's cuz we've gotten more mature with age?????? So, Thomas O'Toole could come hang out with us anytime.....:)

    BTW, Mom really likes the Irish names......did y'all know that a few years ago she lived in Ireland for a year??? We stayed with the daughter bean and grand beans while she was gone....sure are happy to have her back!!!!


  7. Wow! You can say a lot of things. Do the humans listen to you?

  8. We're impressed with your vocabulary, Izzy! Can you imitate the cats' meows? There is a mockingbird outside here that does that - we are not sure where he learned it!

    P.S. When we first got Dobby, he refused to play with toys (or Franklin!) where any humans could see him. He's getting better about this with toys, but he still won't let us see him playing with Franklin (we can hear it, though!) Maybe Thomas has the same issue?

  9. Izzy, you are the coolest fevver we've ever seen! Wow, you have quite the vocabulary! Can you humans ever get you talking on film? We'd love to watch that!

    Our Rambler was a former feral/stray who was deprived of toys while out on the streets. He rarely plays, especially not if someone is watching him.

  10. Wow, I think you know more words than any birdie I know!

  11. Wow, that's a lot of words for a grey chicken to be able to say....ops, sorry, Momma says you're not a grey chicken. You don't say all of that at once do you?

  12. Wow I didn't realize that birds could learn that many words! Wow! And some of those are totally hilarous! Plus I could totally talk with you because my name is Amy too!

    And that is so funny about Thomas not playing. I bet you are right about the kitten thing - but hopefully he will learn to play watching the others. I know that works a lot of the time with doggies - I would think it would work with kitties too, because kitties are smart too!

    Of course, maybe he just thinks playing is beneath him - I have known cats that are like that too (at least they give that impression).

  13. Izzy! I had no idea you could say so many things. My favorite is "I will BITE you!"

  14. Ooh. That you are crazy look is great. We use it every chance we get.

  15. Izzy you are a very smart fev-ver. We think you must like chicken...guess what? I do too.


  16. Wow!! You know so many words! Cool!

  17. Izzy, you are gorgeous! And what a vocabulary!

  18. Sooooooo many words :)))))))
    I wish I had such a bird
    FUNNY !!!!!!

  19. Very interesting!! Quite the gift of gab!

    A lot of chicken talk!

  20. Guess what? You know more words than Nanny!!! English is a second language, I guess it's hard to learn new words when you're old....


  21. Wow, what a talented feather you are!

  22. My, my, my, are you a talkitive one! I mew at my bean when I want my foodie or when I want to be held. That's about it.

    My bean's Great-Aunt's daughter has two cockatiels and one does a siren imatation.

    Danielle the Kitty

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi Izzy :)
    You know a lot of words!!
    Bet you are smarter than you let on too,heehee
    When Mom first got Tillie & Georgia at about 2 years old, they did not play much either. They are now 6 and play pretty well :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Oh my! Izzy certainly has quite the vocabulary. I notice a lot of them have to do with "chicken". Does he eat chicken? That almost seems cannabalistic!!!

    Now he must have learned some of those saucy words for you guys. No wonder Missy Moo doesn't say a word -- when could she get one in edgewise!

    I think Thomas believes he is not a cat, and therefore would not deign to play with cat toys. Maybe you should give him a human toy and see what happens.

  26. No way! A bird that says that many things? You should be on PetStar!
    Funny about Thomas.....SomeCats are just odd.

  27. We've gotta learn to talk! We can't let a bird outdo us:) Hee Hee!

  28. WOW Izzy!
    You are a magnificent bird!!!
    Heh heh
    We like Do you have to wee wee?
    Whats wrong with the chicken?
    Lets go on a zeeeeebra ride!
    and You're a cheeky bum!
    We saw an old movie once where there was a bird like you talking in a house and burglars came, but left it alone because they thought there was a party going on with all kinds of people in there!

  29. Hey cute, Come get your stamp purrss

  30. PuhLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese teach me to say "I'm hungry, I'd like some chicken" also "Let's go on a Zeeeeeeeeeebra ride!," cause I think that would totally confuse my humans and I like them confused...

    my mommy's name is Amy so she thinks it is totally cool you can say that.

    You're a very talented birdie!

  31. Hi Izzy ~ yoo is VERY talented. Could yoo ask yoor mom to do a video of yoo talking pleese ~ 'cos we'd like to hear yoo?

  32. We hope you are all okay since you've been gone for a week without having mentioned beforehand that you'd be on a break. Sending some purrrrrrs just in case they're needed... :)

    purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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