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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trip Up Tuesday!

Cool Jack-o-lantern, huh?

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, we have been forced to entertain ourselves in doors. Unfortunately due to the nature of 'in doors' there are very little hunting, prowling and pouncing opportunities to be had. But we believe that we have found away around this minor inconvenience.

A great new game called Trip Up. The object and rules of the game are simple enough. It involves tearing around the house at break neck speed. Points are earned by 'tripping up' or knocking down your humans. Points are also dependant on the type of 'trip up', injury caused, noise the human emits at the point of impact and of course the vulnerability of your chosen target.

For example more points will be awarded for knocking down smaller humans, humans at the top of stairs and of course humans currently transporting valuable goods (should these goods be noms then you're on to a winner).

Participants should also avoid capture during play, should you be caught and ejected from the building then you're effectively 'out' of the game. The use of teefs and claws are not permitted, except in extreme circumstances.

We hope you enjoy playing Trip Up and you have a great Tuesday!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. MOL......we very seldom move fast enough nowdays to play Trip Up, although once in a while at night we will lay in the dark and trip up one of our beans....:))))


  2. That sounds like a fun game. It would be easy here cause Mon and do not have good balance

  3. What a cool pumpkin!

    We play Trip Up once in a while, but Mom doesn't like that game.

  4. That a fun game,but Mom hate that game.Ohhh so bad!

  5. That a fun game,but Mom hate that game.Ohhh so bad!

  6. What a fun game! There are lots of us kitties so this could be a very fun game to play with our humans. Wonder how many points we could score??

  7. YOW! That carving scared us when it popped up!
    We think Trip Up is a good game. Scout likes to play it. He's good a winding around ankles, and Shaggy is good at it because he's always underfoot.

  8. Sound like a great game! We love the pumpkin! The scarier the better! Have a great Tuesday too!

  9. Such a great game. Have you tried the jumping-through-their-legs-when-they-are-walking move?

  10. Ping was playin a version of this game last night and he flew head first into the door frame...


    He blinked and slowed down for a nanosecond and was off again.

    Stupid brofurs...


  11. That khould be a fun one!

    Nice jakhkOlantern!


  12. ::Claps Paws:: I love this game, play it often and hard!

  13. Yes indeed, we love this game. It's a lot of fun!

    Cool jack o' lantern, did you kitties carve that with your claws?? ;)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. We thinks that game would be fun! We loves that jack o' lantern!

  15. MOL ~ it's easy to trip mom up at the moment 'cos she's using crutches!

    :whispers: How old is Lola? Alfie is sweet on her so I fort I'd try and find out. He's all love sic and swooning and I wanted to be sure he's not cradle snatching. He keeps gazing at her photo and refusing his meals ~ but won't discuss it wiv me.

    Milo xx

  16. You guys!!! LOL! You really enjoy slapstick humour, don't you? There's nothing like a good trip for a laugh!

  17. Ok, my cats can never see this post - it will give them bad ideas!


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