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Saturday 29 January 2011

Suspicious Saturday - Whodunnit?

Uh oh!

Some cat's in trouble!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

Friday 28 January 2011

Thank Cod It's Friday!

I have found the motherload of nip narnaness and it's mine! ALL MINE!


Of course I have to be careful to watch my nip narna booty closely, in case of fruit rustlers

Shh! What was that? Do you hear someone coming?

Oh no! It's Charlie! If I ignore him, maybe He'll go away.


Muuuuuum! Lola won't share the nip narnas!

What me? I didn't do anything. Charlie's telling lies!

Lola Fannola and Charlie O'Marley x

Thursday 27 January 2011

Thankful Thursday

When you have a grumpy hissy spitty sisfur about the house, you're very thankful for hidey spots. You can't see me, right?

Charlie O'Marley x

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tuesday Toysday - Dynamite!

Catnip Dynamite - Full of BANG!

This is my Catnip Dynamite.

I'm the only one that really bothers with it, but then I like to live dangerously!

Let me show you how to use it.

If the video doesn't load, please watch it on YouTube.

Lola Fannola x

Sunday 23 January 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Sunday, a day to kick back, relax and give your sparkly cat nip pom-pom what for.

Have an easy Sunday!

Charlie O'Marley x

P.S Thanks for affirming my innocence yesterday. It was like that when I go there!

Saturday 22 January 2011

Suspicious Saturday - Whodunnit?


Ah ha! As we suspected, it was Charlie.

Returning to the scene of the crime!

Thomas O'Toole and Lola Fannola x

Friday 21 January 2011

Funny Friday

If the video doesn't load, please watch on YouTube.

If the video doesn't load, please watch it on Youtube.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

Thursday 20 January 2011

Thankful Thursday - Uh Oh!

This is our guttering.

It should be up there!

Due to some bad weather and strong winds experienced recently the back guttering to our house fell off and smashed against the glass garden table that was stored away for the winter. Thankfully nothing other then the guttering broke and thankfully due to the dismal weather we weren't outside at the time it came down or it could have squashed us flat!
It's supposed to be fixed on Friday, but we will see.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

Friday 14 January 2011

Fuzzy Friday


Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

Thursday 13 January 2011

Thankful Thursday - Time to MUMBO!

One thing we're truly thankful for is our nippy narnas. We used to have four nippy narnas, but sadly one of our nippy narnas had to go to that great toy box in the sky because some one *cough*Thomas*cough* chewed a hole in it and all the nips escaped. And a nippy narna without any nip is well, not a narna worth bothering with!

We love to do what The Mum calls the 'Banana Mumbo', where we lick the narna and then rub it all over our heads. Here is a little video of Lola showing exactly how the Banana Mumbo is done. Note, it's all about the technique.

If the video won't load, please watch it on YouTube.

There is another thing we're truly thankful for is our Catnapping Seal of Approval from our good friends over at The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde. If you haven't met them yet, be sure to pop over and say hi!

Thank you so so much!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Tuesday Toysday - Christmas Presents

The Mum was very ill over Christmas so didn't take any pictures of us getting or playing with our wonderful Christmas presents.

In fact she was so ill on Christmas Day that she didn't even help us open our presents until Boxing Day. Really! Ill or not that is unacceptable! We noticed The Mum wasn't so ill she couldn't open her presents! Fear not, we will make our displeasure known during her Annual Pur-Fur-Mance Review. You have been warned mum!

Anyway, a couple of days after Christmas mum got her act together and managed to take a picture and shoot a short video of our pawsome present we got from Grandma Bean.

It's a Christmas Mouse Chase Game from Pets at Home (we're not sure if it is available in the states). As you can see from the picture above, it has a plastic outer case that contains a cute little grey mouse in a Santa hat. When The Mum gets off her fat bottom and puts batteries in it, Santa Mouse dashes round the plastic case and you have to attempt to stop him. He randomly stops and starts to keep our interest and there's even motion sensors on the sides so the game will automatically turn on if one of us walks past.

The Mancats don't seem that impressed with it. Personally I think that has something to do with the spiffy little hat Santa Mouse is wearing. Obviously Thomas and Charlie are jealous of Santa Mouse's superior fashion sense.

So, without further ado, here is a video of my gorgeous self playing with the Mouse Chase Game. Yes, that is a spider you see walking across the kitchen floor. He made a tasty snack, after all playing works up such an appetite

If the video won't load you can watch it on YouTube.

Lola Fannola x

Monday 10 January 2011

Mancat Monday - Healing Is Hard Work!

It's hard being a Mancat, even more so when you have to put all your excess energy into healing. Look! I am so exhausted that I couldn't even make it to my bed properly this morning!

In this picture you can see my sore or 'worried' patch just by my front leg. There is also another patch of hair loss on my side. The Mum doesn't know if this is new or was done at the same time as the other patch as I'm not the sort of cat to let anyone examine him for long. However my worried patch is looking a lot better despite the little bit of redness. It has dried up nicely and some parts are starting to scab over.

Mum has been researching Hormone Dermatitis or Feline Endocrine Alopecia and has found several suggestions to help. One was an Elizabethan Collar, but The Mum will only try that if all else fails. Suggestions are to keep the house and affected cat as flea free as possible (The Mum is on top of that), use Evening Primrose Oil for any itching or irritation and to use Feliway to help combat stress. The Mum says she is even going to get me a special collar with DO NOT FEED on it. I shall be losing that one pretty quickly I can tell you!

It maybe a case as the V-E-T said that there is nothing we can do to treat the hair loss and The Mum will have to learn to love my bald pantaloons and tummy. Being The Mum it's the law that she has to love me no matter what.

Thomas O'Toole x

P.S. I still haven't forgiven her = More ham!

Friday 7 January 2011


I am greatly displeased! What has displeased me so greatly you ask? That simple four letter word that shall not be spoketh. The V-E-T-S!

You see, I am very much my own mancat and a very manly mancat at that. This is why I do not feel the need for such mushy over-sentimental stuff such as lap sitting and petting. I'm also a wild and rugged mancat, so weather permitting I am usually out and about.

However, since it is lashing down with rain today I decided to take a restful nap on the ironing board. That is when the most dreadful thing happened, The Mum suddenly noticed a bald patch on my side, just under my right front leg. It was looking a bit red and nasty, so she put two and two together and came up with five. Thinking I had been in a fight or a horrible accident she rushed me to the place that shall not be named.

Not before I put up a fight about going in the PTU. I managed to escape briefly only to find the cat flaps either locked or inaccessible. Of course I sang the sad song all the way to that dreadful place, but it was all in vain.

Once we got to the place that shall not be named I didn't want to come out of the PTU, but I was unceremoniously tipped out regardless. Mr Cook the V-E-T subjected me to the most humiliating examination of my life. He then told The Mum that it was not a wound but in fact an area that had been worried. In other words I had licked myself sore.

Mr Cook explained that in cat of my age random allergies are quite common and sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly you are allergic to. Since the allergic reaction is fairly minor Mr Cook gave me two injections, (I was extremely mancatly and brave and didn't cry once) one of anti-biotics and one to stop the itches rather then subject me to more invasive and stressful allergy tests. He believes I have something called Hormonal Dermatitis which may have been brought on to by an allergic reaction to food I am possibly getting else where.

Being extremely handsome and mancatly I have several reserve homes where I can eat if I don't like what's on offer at home.

On the journey back home I was very quiet and couldn't wait to get out of the PTU. I was given ham as a bribe for forgiveness, of course I ate it but my forgiveness comes at a much higher price!

Charlie! Keep away from the PTU, it's not safe! Run away, save yourself!

Tut, simpleton!

Thomas O'Toole and Charlie O'Marley x

P.S. Whilst The Mum was out taking me to the V-E-T-S, the postman tried to deliver our new internet router. So now The Mum has to go to the big Sorting Office to pick it up!

Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy New Year - A Dog's New Year's Resolutions

I will stop trying to find the few remaining clean pieces of carpet in the house when I am about to throw up.

I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.

I will not eat other animals' poop.

I will not lick my human's face after eating animal poop.

I will not eat my own vomit.

I will not eat "kitty box crunchies".

I will not eat any more socks and then re-deposit them in the backyard after processing.

I will not chew my human's toothbrush and not tell them.

I will not chew crayons or pens, specially not the red ones, or my people will think I am hemorrhaging.

I will not drop soggy tennis balls in the underwear of someone who is sitting on the toilet.

I will not bark each time I hear a door bell on TV.

I will not steal Mum's underwear and dance all over the back yard with it.

The sofa is not a face towel. Neither are Mum & Dad's laps.

My head does not belong in the refrigerator.

I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm lying under the coffee table.

I will not roll my toys behind the fridge.

I must shake the rainwater out of my fur BEFORE entering the house.

I will not eat the cats' food, before or after they eat it.

Not really!

Shen x

We interrupted this usually scheduled post for a MUM Announcement.
I would like to apologise for the serious lack of visiting and commenting on blogs. Currently we're experiencing difficulties with our Internet connection. Some days we only have 15 minutes of connection at any one time and some days we cannot even get on at all. Our Internet Service Provider is currently sending us out a new router and until we receive it we're at the mercy of our broken router. We hope to be back to normal after the 5th!

Thank you for your comments and patience.

The Mum x

Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year - Our New Year's Resolutions

Our human will never let us eat her pet parrots, and we're at peace with that.

We will not puff our entire body to twice its size for no reason after our human has finished watching a horror movie.

We will not slurp fish food from the surface of the aquarium.

We will not eat large numbers of assorted bugs, then come home and puke them up so the humans can see that we're getting plenty of roughage.

We will not use the bathtub to store live mice for late-night snacks.

We will not perch on my human's chest in the middle of the night and stare into her eyes until she wakes up.

We will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over any humans' bed while they're trying to sleep.

Screaming at the can of food will not make it open itself.

We cannot leap through closed windows to catch birds outside. If we forget this and bonk our heads on the window and fall behind the couch in our attempt, we will not get up and do the same thing again.

We will not assume the patio door is open when we race outside to chase leaves.

We will not intrude on my human's candle-lit bubble bath and singe our bottoms.

If we bite the cactus, it will bite back.

When it rains, it will be raining on all sides of the house. It is not necessary to check every door.

Birds do not come from the bird feeder. we will not knock it down and try to open it up to get the birds out.

we will not stuff our rather large selves into the rather small bird feeder, with our tails hanging out one side and expect the birds to just fly in.

We will not teach the parrots to meow in a loud and raucous manner. (Too late!)

The dog can see us coming when we stalk him. He can see us and will move out of the way when we pounce, letting us smash into floors and walls. That does not mean we should take it as a personal insult when our humans sit there and laugh.

We will not play "dead cat on the stairs" while people are trying to bring in groceries or laundry, or else one of these days, it will really come true.

When our human is typing at the computer, her forearms are *not* a hammock.

Computer and TV screens do not exist to backlight our lovely tails.

we will not walk on the keyboard when our human is typing important emiongaioerp ga3qi4 taija3tvg aa35 a.

we will not drag the magnets and the papers they're holding off the refridgerator and then bat them underneath so that they stick to the underside.

we will not be miffed at our human all day and then kiss her on the nose at 2:00am to tell her she is forgiven and may now pet us.

Of course, we don't really mean any of that!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x

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