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Thursday 19 December 2013

Six Days 'Til Christmas

On the seventh day til Christmas, the woman better give to me.

Seven fishies swimming,

Six beds for laying,

five jingle balls,

four nippy narnas,

three bowls of crunchies

two tins of tuna


a multi-level scratching tree.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. I think the fishies and the cat tree are my favorites so far!

  2. I think I will be inviting myself to come and stay with you for Christmas with all those great things you are hoping for.

  3. Ooh, ooh! Fishies swimming would be better than the cat TV because it would be interactive!

  4. Oh that is such a good idea, fish. What fun to try to catch.WE like that idea. Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. Oh yeah...fishies...but we want more than 7!

  6. I'm loving that cat tree, and the fishies would be furry nice too!!! MOL

  7. That is an awesome Catmas list!


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