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Sunday 1 December 2013

The One Lovely Blog Award


The other week we received the One Lovely Blog award from the wonderful Playful Kitty.

This award doesn't have any rules to follow, and that's good, because we don't like to follow rules.  we are cats after all. 

We know that a few of our friends have already received this wonderful award, so it's here, up for grabs for anyone wanting to take it.  In our eyes, you all deserve it.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Concatulations on your award!

  2. Congrats on your award, well deserved!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. We certainly congratulate you on the pretty award. Hope you have a great day today too. Take care.

  4. Congrats on your award! It's always nice when someone recognizes you :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Many, many congratulations on your new bling.


  6. concats on your award! :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  7. concatulations and thank you for not sharing (wink)

  8. ConCATulations on your great award, friends! And no rules? Whoohoo! :)

  9. Concats on your award. We got that from Playful Kitty as well, and we do think it is "lovely." You deserved it! We like those no rules and requirements awards. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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