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Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Reason Why Mum Couldn't Help Us Blog Today

What you're looking at is a genuine Farther Christmas (Santa) footprint drawn on the beige stair carpet in red and blue bath crayon by Toddler Bean.

Mum managed to get it out of the carpet, but only by using two stain removers and lots of elbow grease. We didn't think that grease would be the best thing to clean a carpet with, but there you go. Now though she's been left with a patch of carpet that is suspiciously cleaner then the rest.

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. Oh that's way more talented than decorating the carpet by hacking up a hairball!

  2. We told mum she needs to have a toddler soon so she can stop getting on us for all da messes. They is much worse then felines ;)

  3. Maybe you can help her with a little 'work' on that patch?

  4. Toddler beans are the best artists on floors, carpets, walls, and places Mom's don't appriciate

  5. Hmmmm....a clean patch is always a problem isn't it? You can always put a potted plant there:).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  6. A few furballs there will soon stop it looking too clean.

  7. We agree with Eric and Flynn....that's the place for furballs

  8. Wow! That looks quite clean now. At least they can't blame it on you!

  9. Hey Kitties, glad you came by to visit. Right now we're so sad around here. Really missing my Gabby.I just hope someone took him in. I hope he is in a safe and warm place.He deserved a good home.I wish I could have taken him in. But with 5 cats already it would not have worked out.I've got a really mean cat Jude.He's the boss around here.I just pray he is O.K.
    Your kitty friend, Melody

  10. Yup, we agree. Spread some hairballs around and it will blend right in with the rest of the carpet.

    PS That footprint was cool!

  11. Okay, we always ask why hoomans have khats...

    Now we get to ask, why human boy bean?

    PeeEssWoo: I hope Santa Paws didn't see THAT!

  12. I thought that was a very lovely santa drawing, did you not want to leave it on show.. MOL.. Well done on getting the stain off. Forsome reason I lost you off my blog roll. I put you back on now.. HUgs GJ xx

  13. Glad your mom could clean it. But I agree, a few hair balls would cover that up quick. Have a restful Sunday and your mom too, she deserves it.

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