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Friday, 18 December 2009

The Snow is Finally Here!

First of all we would like to apologise for not posting or visiting much, but Dad bean had to go to hospital due to kidney stones. He's still in a lot of pain at the moment, but is feeling much better then he did.

Where we live in the South east of England, snow is a very unusual occurrence, even more unusual if it settles and is still around after 12pm. Last night in the early hours around 10-20 cm fell in some parts. Of course that means PHOTOS!

The rabbits were enjoying the snow that fell in their run overnight. But do not worry, they have access to their hutch which is stuffed with straw. They just decided they would like a bit of a bounce about in the white stuff

This was Charlie and Lola's first experience with snow and each reacted very differently. Lola is having nothing to do whatsoever with the scary, cold, wet stuff. Charlie, after over coming some initial misgivings decided to venture out. Thomas on the other hand has seen snow before and opted to stay in bed.

I love Charlie's eyes in this one. Sheer disbelief

Of course what would snow pictures be without some of the mini beans having fun?

We hope if you have snow that you're all warm and cosy inside. Have a great warm weekend!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. how EXCITING - we are suppose to get 12-18 inches of SNOWS here in Virginia today we are waiting in the windows for it to start coming - hope you enjoy yours

  2. The snow looks so fun!! Stay warm furiends!

  3. Great timing for the snow! We have a lot of snow too, but it's not so unusual for this part of Canada...

    We love that photo of Charlie too...definitely a keeper.

  4. Oh, I hope your human dad is better! I've heard that the pain from kidney stones is one of the worst ever.

    As for the snow, it looks very pretty in pictures! But here in southeastern Ontario (Canada) we get far too much of it, along with bitterly cold temperatures, so you can keep it. Have fun! LOL.

  5. PAWESOME!!! Glad you were all able to enjoy it before it leaves! And your mini~beans are very cute playing in the white stuff! LOVE the eyes picture as well. Have fun and stay warm!

  6. PAWSOME!!!!!!!! And what great pictures.......and look at that giant snowball one of the minibeans made!!!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!!!

  7. Wow, that is a lot of snow! We had some, then it melted but are supposed to get more starting today (actually there are a few flakes starting to fall now). None of our kitties go out but they love to watch the flakes fall. I think that if they knew how wet and cold it was, they would follow Lola's idea and stay inside!

    And those are such cute pictures of the minibeans in the snow - they are obviously having a lot of fun.

    We are also sending purrs and get well thoughts to your dad - we hope his kidney stones are gone soon!

  8. We love the snow, but like you we don't get it too often...we are supposed to get some today and tomorrow in NC. I hope it's alot!!

  9. I hope your father feel 100% better soon :)
    Snow seems to be very fun! Too bad that in Brazil we don't have snow :(

  10. That's a lot of white stuff ..

    (Hope you have a Fun Weekend)

  11. We got no snow...yet! We'd rather look at snow than be in it!!

    Hope your dad bean is feeling better real soon!

  12. It was pawsome to see the snow pictures and then see the snow flakes fallin on your bloggie. How neat! Great pictures too!!

    merry purrs

  13. Brilliant! It looks like you got even more snow that we did!

    We hope your Dad feels all better soon.

  14. That little bit of snow on Charlie's nose is so cute! We can tell the little beans are enjoying the snow. We don't get much here either

  15. We won't get to see snow anymore, because we live in the extreme south now. Thanks for showing us some of that fun white stuff!

    Pee Ess: We're sending purrs to your Dad.

  16. Great pictures! We're with Thomas!!

    We hope your Dad is better soon. Those nasty stones can make you feel really bad.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. Wow, you have real snow. Ours is no more than a thin layer on the ground.

  18. Almost forgot: all the best to your Dad bean. We hope he feels better soon.

  19. You got a lot of snow!We didn't get any, but it is rare that we do. It is very cold though and we are staying indoors in the warm.
    We hope your dad is soon better.

  20. Ahhhhhhhh!

    What great pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: I have snow khoming furry soon!

  21. That looks cold. Everycat should get back inside immediately!

  22. Hi Lola,
    I'm just gonna hot paw it over to yoor place to see the snow wiv yoo (on my boogie mat). We can look throo the window togevver from the warmth of the howse. Smoochies.

    Alfie Marshall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. We're sorry to hear yoor dad was poorly. Those stones are no fun! Our dad gets them from time to time and he said they are AGONY. Once he hadta haff morfeen!

    So we are sending healing purrs from our howse to yoor howse ~ and we hope yoor Dad feels better soon.

  24. Charlie looks soo sleek against the white background!

  25. Wow, you gots lots of snow! Charlie's expression is priceless, but he's curious and adventurous. We see that the mini beans enjoy the snow too, great photos. Hope dad bean feels better soon.

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  26. The snow is beautiful!!! Hope you get a white Christmas!


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