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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snowy Saturday!

There's still snow on the ground today, which is most unusual for where we live. Not only that. there's more snow expected for tonight! So maybe we will get that white Christmas everyone seems to want. Mum bean on the other hand could take it or leave it as the snow is making walking very slippy and difficult.

Also we came across this fun cat quiz in one of the many cat magazines mum bean reads. Why not give it a go?

What's Your Cat Saying?

1) Your cat waits and meows at the door when you arrive. Is it saying,

a) Welcome home!
b) The phone rang twice while you were out
c) Feed me!

2) Now your cat meows at the door when you go out. Is it saying,

a) Please don't leave me here all alone!
b) Goodbye!
c) But what if I get hungry while you're out?

3) Your cat digs its claws into your leg. Is this,

a) An unsuppressed primal instinct
b) A sign of affection
c) A demand to be fed now!

4) Your cat scratches at the door after being fed. Is it saying

a) Let me out - I need to use the garden!
b) I want to go out a play
c) I wonder what they've got next door.


Most of the time, the correct answer is C

Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

Thomas O'Toole, Charlie O'Marley and Lola Fannola x


  1. We got 22-26 inches depending on where you measure and what news you watch. Momys working on the pictures - its cold out and she dosnt want us out for too long and toes to get too cold.

  2. We got the quiz answers right!
    We haven't got any snow ~ and yoors looks very pretty!
    Milo xx

    Hi Lola,
    Let me know if yoo need to snuggle up wiv me to keep warm! :blush:
    Alfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Snow here too and it looks like we may get more over the next couple of days!

  4. Oh
    what an interesting quizz. I thank you for it.
    here it snows too....I do not get outside the room in the snow. I am surprised by the wet texture of snow
    the photos looks great

  5. Love the paws in the snow ...

    On the quiz, I figured it was food ...

    Enjoy your weekend on a heater vent or by a fireplace,

    ** still trying to find a home for Beau Beau & Noni Noni. please stop by my blog & post about them on yours **

  6. We got about 14 inches of snow and that is a lot for us. Our town is pretty much at a standstill!

  7. We hope you stay warm and cozy inside the house!!
    Looks very cold there.
    ~ The Bunch

  8. Even we got a bit of snow today and we hardly ever get any. We got the quiz right too. Everything revolves around food. Watch you don't get frozen toesies.

  9. You look gorgeous, contrasted against the white of the snow. :-)

    I answered the quiz questions correctly--this human knows what my Cat Mistress and Masters really want. Heh.

  10. We love a white Christmas. We had one last year.. but doesn't look like we will get anything this year--there was even rain at the Pass... sigh.

  11. Is that Thomas outside again? I guess at least with the snow he won't be tempted to wander.

    Yes, it's cold here, too, and it seems to be what everyone is saying no matter where they live!

    This is global warming???

  12. We only got an inch so far. I hate the snows. It makes my feets cold and wet. Mom says I need some boots.

  13. We think snow is silly. People always say they want it to snow and when it gets here, they immediatly start cleaning it up and complain about traffic jams and train delays.

  14. Wow, cool snow! Get it? Cool?

    OK, so it wasn't too funny. But we've only got teensy little flurries REAL snow.

    LOVE the quiz and Momma guessed most of the answers correct...we've got her trained well.

    Stay warm!

  15. Seems very cold!
    I loved the quiz!

  16. ...keep your toesies warm so they don't get frostbitey....

  17. Stay in and stay warm. Mom thought all the answers could be right!


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